Dopamine Game Enters the Metaverse and Integrates Basketball with NFT


With the rising popularity of NFT, and celebrities and personalities dropping their collection of NFTs, it is no wonder that basketball, a game loved by many, is also making its way to the Metaverse.

Trends show that there is a massive shift from traditional gaming into play to earn blockchain games in the past years and has become the hottest investment made by young investors. The shift is being done by major companies and groups, as well as popular personalities.

The highly experienced game development team of Dopamine wanted to integrate Basketball into the Metaverse in an ecology that would ensure high earning and massive fun. The game team brings back the nostalgia of trading basketball cards in a new and exciting and revenue earning new world of Dopamine.

The highly anticipated Dopamine Game, a basketball themed NFT game, will soon be launched and deployed on the Binance Smart Chain this February 2022.

Dopamine Game is a play to earn game that allows players to play in an immersive basketball NFT game, loosely based on actual global basketball game stars and teams.

Dopamine Game Enters the Metaverse and Integrates Basketball with NFT

The Dopamine Ecology

With the Dopamine token, DATE, players will be able to purchase and collect Dopamine Cards. The blind boxes in the game’s NFT store contain random cards. There are six types of cards to collect, from a Caddie level card, Security Staff, Trainer, Assistant Coach,  Coach and Star Player level cards.

The cards’ salary are based on their ability, the higher the ability, the higher the salary. Trade them or put them to work in the game’s basketball arena to earn their salary and income.

Earning through Staking Recruitment

At the Dopamine Game, there are plenty of ways to earn. Players can either choose to stake, or work their cards in the game’s player’s market or the game arena. The players can enter the market and await recruitment by the chairman, the card will be priced according to its level, and it will be locked for seven days and can re-enter the market again after the recruitment period is over.

Becoming a Team Chairman

Features to be launched include the stadium employment and stadium chairmanship. Initially, there are 8 stadiums readily available for chairmanship. Investing the most in a stadium allows you to be the chairman, and has authority over the salary structure and player recruitment. The money invested will be used to pay the employees and the stars.

The revenue of the stadium will depend on the league’s awards and the influence and rating of the starts and staffs employed within.

Game Launch

With a huge following on their social media accounts and official game channels, Dopamine Game fared well during their pre launching events and campaigns. The Dopamine Game is undergoing certifications and listings to strengthen security protocols and practices.

The game is set to be launched late February 2022, and hopes to expand the Dopamine Game and provide more features in the days to come.

Currently, Dopamine is accepting entries for its Public Sales Round. You can send your whitelist entries at

Dopamine Game is an NFT game that provides a sure win to earn and a highly immersive, vibrant gameplay. An amazing storyline awaits all Dopamine champions.

Get in the loop and be sure to keep your eyes on Dopamine as the  emerging new star of the GameFi Metaverse.

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