Developed by M·game, a TOP 10 3D game company in Korea—The brand new Three Kingdoms strategy game Hegemony II is shocking


The concept of GameFi has become the biggest outlet in the second half of 2021 in the entire cryptocurrency field, and many investors are already eager to try it. The reason why GameFi can get huge attention in the near future lies in its (Play-to-Earn) characteristics. To some extent, this is also the biggest selling point of GameFi; the concept of GameFi was first proposed by Mary Ma, Chief Strategy Officer of Mix Marvel in 2019. After two years of development, it has become the most important NFT after the art and avatar communities on the chain. one of the development trends.

Developed by M·game, a TOP 10 3D game company in Korea—The brand new Three Kingdoms strategy game Hegemony II is shocking

Most “play and earn” games convert all or some of the items in the game into NFTs (Non-fungibleTokens), which users can buy or trade through official or strategic marketplaces (like small transactions, but more decentralized ), or earn NFTs by actively playing games, participating in events and sweepstakes, and completing challenges.

Players can use the NFT tokens they earn in-game, or sell these tokens for profit through the cryptocurrency market. In addition to NFTs, P2E games often feature native tokens or other in-game rewards.

At the same time, in recent years, with the entry of big capital, the new star in the field of big game metaverse – the e-sports industry has entered people’s field of vision with its “explosive growth”. Perfect World CEO Dr. Xiao Hong: The emergence of the top products , which has driven the activity of the entire market; the product refers to this kind of e-sports game, and its gameplay and its viewing pleasure are just right for the appreciation and participation of young people of the whole era. With the development of social diversification, the innovative development of the e-sports industry and the expansion of the audience, the future of e-sports will be limitless. The market-oriented development of the e-sports industry has led to the rise of a number of clubs and professional leagues, which has largely changed the development track of the gaming industry in various countries or regions. Among them, the League of Legends global finals in the e-sports event has more than 100 million viewers, increasing the competitive intensity for the extremely active e-sports market.

Directly driving the increase in production capacity is an important manifestation of the e-sports industry as a new economic driver; the consumption habits of e-sports are often manifested in in-game consumption, which is manifested in the purchase of game skins and brand peripherals; the seamless realization of “e-sports + game platform” articulate.

With the continuous development of technology, VR/AR, blockchain, 5G, AI… people’s acceptance of the virtual world is getting higher and higher. In the coming 2021, big platforms have launched Metaverse brands, and some Facebook brands Renamed Meta, Microsoft announced that the chat and meeting application Microsoft Teams will be built into the Metaverse, the Xbox game platform will also join the Metaverse in the future, NVIDIA launched the Omniverse platform… All announced the arrival of the “Metaverse First Year”, new technologies, new The popularity of hardware often drives the exponential growth of the content industry in the next five years.

To sum up, we believe that the GameFi track (e-sports industry) and the metaverse are one of the most attractive means for non-currency users to enter the crypto field, and the development of GameFi cannot completely rely on cryptonative players. , attracting traditional game players to join is crucial, high-quality e-sports chain games with stronger gameplay and playability will become the main direction in the future, Hegemony II is one example.

Then, we will introduce the future star of HegemonyⅡ to you.

HegemonyⅡ——The world-renowned Korean TOP 10 3D large game company

M•game developers make great efforts to create

As early as 2005, “Blood Rivers and Lakes” was launched in China. Since the establishment of the game in 2020, the game developer M·game has reached a strategic cooperation with Asia Pacific Blockchain Lab, and has introduced a number of investment institutions for strategic cooperation (jointly with existing world-renowned leaders. It is reported that the internal testing stage of the external network has been carried out, and the internal testing registration volume has exceeded 30,000.

Hegemony Ⅱ – Past and Present

    M•Games gold medal producer Jin Xuegui is optimistic about the prospects of the blockchain game market, and jointly established the HEGEMONY II game studio with Jake Song, a top Korean game company XLGAMES, to jointly start the development of blockchain games. Game engineers worked hard, worked diligently, and continued to tackle tough problems. It took nearly 3 years to create another peak masterpiece, Hegemony II. The game scene: the character combat effect is cool and shocking, the simulation immersion is super, and the geographical layout is rich, opening up parallel time and space, Start a new journey of metaverse ecology.

In addition, Hegemony II 3D e-sports chain drama, by Hong Kong Capvis International Holdings Fund Company, focuses on incubating game players in the Asia-Pacific region, builds official guilds, recruits hundreds of sub-guild alliances, top game traffic, and top capital leads the investment; its main body is completely established in Based on the current blockchain technology, with GAMEFI+NFT+DEFI trinity as the economic development model, it has rich game scenes, game props, trading market, investment market and in-game ecosystem; this is a 3D action ARPG Lianyou, a strategy mobile game of Qi, Chu, and Wei built with a cutting-edge 3D game engine, highly restores the magnificent battle scenes; the gameplay is rich, and heroes from all walks of life can freely start adventure battles, and can choose their own Regions, constantly recruiting troops and horses, enhancing the strength of the alliance, strategically arranging troops, and exquisite strategic layout, defeating the enemy and dominating the world.

Hegemony Ⅱ Large-scale 3D e-sports chain game The huge ecological kingdom issues a DAO model commercial token-HEGE (an ecological token and equity token based on the Binance Smart Chain), which can replace the game medium ingot, and ingot is used for The circulation of value inside and outside the game can also represent all digitized proof of rights in the game; holders can have corresponding special identities in the game through HEGE, combined with the model of in-game NFT assets + decentralized on-chain exchanges , game players can obtain it through the output of the Beast Blind Box, and at the same time circulate in the HEGEMONY II full-scene application (DEFI+NFT+GAMEFI

multiverse space value system).

Regarding the characteristics of this game, we summarize the following points:

What is the charm of the interesting HegemonyⅡ, let us experience it from several directions, where players can gather heroes from the guild, expand their territory, and defend their homes. As the hero level grows, different gameplay and game props will be unlocked, and the growth process of each stage is accompanied by financial attributes, helping hundreds of millions of players to better enter the era of “Play to Earn” and create a brand-new strategy battle of the Three Kingdoms Mobile games, this is also the feature and brilliance of HEGE.

1. A strategic Three Kingdoms adventure battle mobile game, different Three Kingdoms heroes have different fighting skills, understand and be familiar with them;

2. Start exciting battles with the enemy, arrange your troops reasonably, win more with less, and feel the infinite pleasure brought by strategy as the king;

3. Form alliances, heroes from all walks of life will conquer the world together, defeat the enemy, build a new empire, and enjoy the thrill of being in power.

4. Players can participate in game upgrades every day, equipment can be traded with each other, and players can exchange equipment through HEGE as a medium.

Are you excited about such a wonderful game scene?

Next, I will introduce the gameplay of this game to you!

1. Hegemony II has four main hero classes:

Male Actor: Breaking the Army: Sword Dances in the World, Dominates the World; Ink Bow: Forest Dark Grass Frightening the Wind, General Ye Ying Bow;

Female horn: Tiansha: the technique of vertical and horizontal, blocking millions of heroes; Qin Se: the body of Jiao’e, dare to turn the world upside down.

Hundreds of skill combinations can be formed.

2. Hegemony II not only has four main hero classes, but also four mission modes:

a. Main quest: There will be a corresponding main plot in each level stage, and the entire plot development will be unlocked through the continuous strengthening of the characters; each main quest can only be completed once, and completing the main quest can obtain rich experience and gold Mine reward.

b. Small daily tasks: Small daily tasks open daily tasks that can be unlocked

c. Daily tasks: Daily tasks can be collected repeatedly, and corresponding experience and gold mines will be obtained according to the difficulty of completion.

d. Team Dungeon: Automatically open when a certain level is reached. Team Dungeon will have different rewards and gameplay according to different types of bosses. Defeating bosses can get corresponding material gold and gold mines.

The shining point of Hegemony Ⅱ game

1. Equip the helicopter system to create a heaven-defying artifact

Different equipment can be obtained by completing different tasks. The equipment level and attributes are fixed and bound values ​​in the initial state. If the equipment is strengthened and damaged, it is necessary to re-purchase the equipment and rebuild it. Equipment is divided into three stages: A/B/C.

A: Basic equipment: After completing the initial main quest, you will get basic equipment.

B: Equipment upgrade: All parts can be upgraded.

C: Equipment forging: Consuming materials can continuously forge advanced equipment.

2. The strong alliance guild system helps the income system

Players can participate in PVP while upgrading equipment and levels, and obtain the corresponding guild level and ranking in the arena through operation and guild alliance PK means, and there will be extra rich rewards.

The ecological structure of the entire game is constructed through DAO community autonomy, and at the same time corresponds to the co-construction mechanism of players. The alliances established by players will gradually expand as an incentive layer. For the construction of the entire guild, the benefits generated by the growth and upgrading of the guild are definitely quite different.

3. Undifferentiated PVP Arena opens the road to wealth

The whole game is divided into players, communities and guilds, and the community is divided into nodes, super and genesis; participants can start from the initial players, participate in the game and hit a certain level to get airdrop rewards; they can directly become nodes to share the game to get more Rewards, the higher the level, the more rewards; guilds can recommend each other, establish a guild alliance system, and earn ecological rewards.

4. Rich and diverse game personalization system: Beauty, celebrity, forging, image, artifact, marriage and other systems are in the game. At the same time, characters, equipment, and props are used to create NFTs with growth, and these NFTs can be traded on the official NFT trading platform. For sale, more exciting gameplays are waiting for you to unlock!

5. During the rapid development of the entire game, after accumulating a sufficient base of user groups, the game will open up more ways to play: family honor system, quiz system, NFT, Swap Pool, energy pool, in the process of these diversified ways of playing It has been integrated into the token economic model, so that the HEGE token can be destroyed by circulation (embedded with a three-step deflation mechanism), making HEGE more valuable in future ecological scenarios.

HEGEMONYⅡ is integrated into multiple modes of Gamefi. In short, the money earned by traditional game companies is directly distributed to the participants to form a distributed game business economy, which explores a way for the large-scale promotion of the Web3.0 business model in the next step. The envisaged ecological kingdom is not only to build a decentralized AR/VR virtual game world, but also to bring together players/investors/game manufacturers/developers/investors and other diversified relationship alliances, which can not only realize The game carries the virtual interaction of the identity wealth relationship network, and supports the creation and transaction of NFT, as well as the new model of GAMEFI. Let the majority of players participate in the HEGEMONY II ecosystem, design and create various scenes and virtual items, and realize the auction and exchange of virtual items through NFTs. In a true sense, it will realize the prosperity of the multi-ecological civilization under the parallel space of the future metaverse.

Overall, this game does not decide the winner at the stage of hatching the characters like its competitors, but gives every player involved a chance to win huge rewards; if you are currently looking for a game that can earn you E-sports chain games that you can enjoy passive income and enjoy, then this is definitely worthy of your attention and trust.

Time is not with me, are you also like me, looking forward to this comprehensive metaverse space of e-sports + GameFi to bring us a unique and unique experience? So, let us look forward to it together!

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