Detroit Lions enlist renowned Michigan rapper to elevate game day entertainment


When P.L. burst onto Michigan’s hip-hop scene 15 years ago, he was really sure he’d succeed and stick around because of his lyrical prowess and song-making ability.

And he’s proven himself right.

He’s crafted songs like “Fresher Den You” and “I’m Single,” which still garner play in Metro Detroit clubs almost 10 years later since their release. P.L. has even had appearances on MTV and BET, showcasing his musical artistry. That’s why the rapper, legally known as Terry Fox, believed in himself from the beginning. Despite previously viewing his Ws as “kinda winning,” P.L. wasn’t prepared for the major winning in store for his career. It was a rather life-altering experience, to say the least.

Today, P.L. has discovered his niche, blending his artistry and passion for music with his love of sports. He made this career shift over eight years ago, leading him to create original soundtracks as scores for various sports entities such as the NBA’s Detroit Pistons and Brooklyn Nets, WNBA, MLB, and NCAA (University of Michigan), notably for the NFL. Following Super Bowl LIII, his music kicked off the Super Bowl recap show on the NFL Network right after the game, continuing a partnership that was in place for the previous three postseasons.

In the past several years, however, the Ann-Arbor native has finally established a long-anticipated connection; one that made too much sense not to happen: collaborating with the Detroit Lions. “It started with them (Lions) just kind of reaching out,” P.L. told MLive. “They were talking about custom work, custom music in the entertainment meetings. And I have a really good friend, obviously, DJ Ray who’s in his third season now with them. And he kind of just told me like, ‘Yo, your name is coming up a lot, man. And I’m not sure if they’re gonna reach out, but every time they mention your name, I definitely champion when I can.’ And they reached out finally last year, and dove right into it.”

A significant factor that brought P.L. to the Lions’ attention was his recent work with the Pistons last season. From talent searches and private events to promotional videos and in-game arena elements, P.L. has become an integral part of the Pistons’ entertainment, a vibe the Lions aimed to incorporate.

“Last year I did some stadium chants, the stuff you hear for fans. I did a custom song that changed every game throughout the season with teams and situations. And now this year I’m pretty much doing the same thing, but a little bit more extensively.”

As the upcoming season approaches, the Lions have expanded their expectations of P.L., entrusting him with composing original music for various purposes (background, social, stadium), including the official kickoff song for in-stadium events. Recently, he contributed to a helmet reveal music video, introducing the Lions’ new helmet for their 90th NFL season. Moreover, P.L. has been tasked with crafting a brand-new kickoff song to be played at the beginning of Lions’ home games at Ford Field.

Regarding his future plans, P.L.’s focus lies in fulfilling the Lions’ vision and enhancing the fan experience at Ford Field and beyond, rather than pursuing his own personal agenda. “I never want it to be something where it is more than what is needed,” P.L. said. “I create music as a service to the fans and the organization, so you’ll never catch me doing too much, you know what I’m saying? Because then we’re getting outside of what the purpose of the music is. But listen, man, Lions’ music is important to me.”

“I have had talks with them about doing some bigger things than what we are (currently) doing. DJ Ray and I actually have some stuff in the tuck that isn’t even out yet that’s pretty big. And then obviously just even doing training camp this year, it’s just been a lot more Lions’ music that they’ve been requesting or just me mentioning the Lions a lot more. Even outside of the Hype Train, man, you know, when they get to work and do what I believe that they’re gonna do, there is definitely gonna be some more music. But whatever’s required and whatever’s expected, I’m totally ready for it.”

One thing P.L. hopes for, and something Lions fans would likely embrace, is hearing his custom tracks played throughout Ford Field when the Lions host their first playoff game at the venue.

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