Demystifying Bill Code: A project about to change the world with cryptography


The Bill Code team mentioned in its official white paper: “Bill Code is currently the most widely used digital bill.” It can be seen that Bill Code’s ambitions are huge. What it ultimately wants is to build a new generation of secure encryption distribution through cryptography Storage network. To describe it in another form, Bill Code wants to replace the traditional Internet and become an Internet chain safe for everyone in the WEB3.0 era.

The important role of BILL in Bill Code

Bill Code, translated as “Beale ciphers”, this project was inspired by the “Beale ciphers” in a 23-page booklet “The Beale Papers” published in 1885, which was praised by Beale ciphers fans It is the bible of cryptography. In May 2018, Beale ciphers enthusiasts JP Miller, Jr released “Bill Code-The Fourth Blockchain Password Creation Conjecture” with the help of blockchain technology, and Bill Code was born.

As we all know, the use of cryptographic technology can not only ensure the confidentiality of information, but also ensure the integrity and confirmation of the information, and prevent the information from being tampered with, forged and counterfeited. As far as Bill Code is concerned, the specific responsibility is to redefine the Internet + lifestyle with cryptography + blockchain technology, Rely on the anonymous transmission of the blockchain to protect everyone’s privacy.

The liquid mining mechanism introduced by the Bill Code project solves the pain point of Burst and other projects that lack an incentive system, and the existence of this economic incentive system is vital to a self-sustaining ecology. Bill Code is based on IPFS data storage transmission system, introducing data exchange mechanism and second transmission mechanism to improve data transmission speed and storage efficiency. Through liquidity mining and lucky block rewards and other incentive mechanisms and consensus mechanisms to ensure the virtuous circle of its mining pool ecology. As a functional token of Bill Code, BILL can be perfectly applied to its incentive system.

How can I own the promising BILL?

According to official information, the total issuance of BILL is 45 million, with no private placement and no lock-up. The Bill Code mainnet is expected to be launched in the second half of this year, using CPoC hard disk mining, which has a lower threshold than the current hard disk mining projects Chia and Swarm. Bill Code is about to enter the testing phase. This treasure hunt will airdrop 1 million BILL to reward early Bill Code enthusiasts for stress testing the Bill Code project network and looking for treasures.

It is worth mentioning that these BILLs are not distributed directly, but must be redeemed through BILL TEST. Everyone can participate in the treasure hunt of Bill Code. 25 test treasures can be exchanged for 1 BILL to ensure the reasonable allocation of treasure resources.

Bill Code contains infinite potential in the future

Most people have had this experience-just want to get content online, but they are constantly disturbed by annoying advertisements, and sometimes they even find that these advertisements are always able to accurately grasp their needs for some reason. I was surprised that my privacy had already been violated unknowingly. After all, user data is actually in the hands of those large centralized companies, and it seems that it is not destined to escape the fate of being used by them for profit. In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of data theft and abuse, people have become more and more aware that the price that the current mainstream data system needs to pay is extremely painful. It is this situation that Bill Code wants to break.

Bill Code, through the block chain + cryptography, will store every Internet information in the form of a private key through the Bill Code network and store it on the decentralized node. Through the Bill Code ecological network, the traditional account password will be formed into a unique private The key, fundamentally eliminates the problem of privacy leakage, and Bill Code guarantees the privacy of every citizen by virtue of the anonymous transmission of the blockchain.

The ultimate goal of Bill Code is to build a secure encrypted distributed storage network-everyone’s privacy will truly belong to themselves and be in their own hands. People no longer have to worry about their data being abused by other centralized companies or organizations. Every node that can prove its data storage capacity to the Bill Code Network can be rewarded in the form of incentives on the Bill Code Chain. BILL is the only circulated value certificate of the Bill Code Network.

Bill Code rethinks how the encrypted network is constructed. Its success will promote the full arrival of the decentralized Web3.0 era, and its future potential is endless.

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