David’s Diner waitress receives huge tip, shares with rest of staff


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SPRINGDALE BOROUGH (KDKA) — A waitress at a popular Springdale Borough diner received a life-changing tip last weekend and decided to pay it forward by sharing it with the rest of her coworkers.

Kayla Wolfe was working at the diner that morning when the table of eight left her a $900 cash tip on a $123 check.

According to the Tribune-Review, the tip came from a group known as The Just Be Claus Crew who have become known for surprising servers at restaurants with larger than life tips. 

Webster didn’t keep all the money for herself, though. She decided to pass the good fortune on to her coworkers, giving $200 to another waitress and $100 to five different people who worked in the kitchen. 

After receiving the big tip, Webster hugged all eight members of the crew!

“I never met any of these people before in my life,” Webster told the Trib. “I paid it forward because I just am not greedy. Keeping all $900 could have been amazing and caught me up on bills. I had to get my car fixed recently and that set me back $800, and I’m still trying to catch up with that.”

Betsie Bish Marks, the founder of the Just Be Claus Crew told the Trib that they’ve also surprised servers at Kelly O’s in the Strip District and the Deer Creek Diner in West Deer Township. 

“I, too, am a small-business owner, so we go to locally owned restaurants and our motivation is to just spread Christmas cheer and hopefully make someone’s holiday a little brighter,” Marks told the Trib.

Where the Just Be Claus Crew will be popping up next is everyone’s best guess!

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