“Data Island” Problem Can Be Solved by Combining Privacy Computing AI and Blockchain Technology


Platon Now Offers Breakthrough Solutions to Break the “Data Island” and Release the Value Potential

During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical networking services developed rapidly, and big data played a key role in the development. In the medical industry, new medical models and cutting-edge research also require a large number of patient data to verify. However, due to the lack of effective privacy protection, data cannot be shared, resulting in the “data island” phenomenon, which has become a big problem to be solved. At the same time, the widespread use of medical big data also triggered the issue of privacy leaks and data abuse, and raised social concerns about data security and privacy protection.

These problems exist not only in the medical industry, but also in other industries. Citing the protection of trade secrets and refusing to trade their own data, government departments are also reluctant to share data because of security, interests, technology, and other concerns. This exacerbates the “data Island” problem, which restricts the maximization of data value.

In the current data market, users produce new online data every day, but they do not own the data. Data is held in the hands of each independent collector, resulting in the compartmentalization of data ownership, which is referred to as “data Island.” The lack of data privacy protection and sharing mechanism is the main obstacle for data authentication.

Blockchain provides an opportunity for data validation. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology designed to realize transaction accounting through the joint participation of multi-nodes, and each node account is complete and cannot be tampered with. This helps in integrating users into the three-party governing account for insusceptible and uninterrupted data production, data monopoly and data use.

Through node authorization, the final data income is shared among the parties in proportion to realizing the sharing of data ownership. Although transaction information is shared in this process, account information is highly encrypted. Therefore, zero-knowledge proof is an effective strategy to protect the privacy of accounts. Zero-knowledge proof is to make the verifier believe that he has certain knowledge or ability without providing any useful information to the verifier, for example, to realize the asset transfer without disclosing user identity.

Blockchain technology can be widely used in equipment authentication, communication encryption and other areas to provide a strong support for breaking the “data island” and promoting data transactions.

Privacy computing brings solutions

The realization of data sharing transaction and potential value release happens on the value chain of “property right confirmation – privacy protection – co-computing – value sharing.” The scheme, which is widely accepted by finance and blockchain industry, is based on the solution combining privacy computing and AI, which is a new way to solve security problems such as key management, by integrating multiple cryptography algorithms with frontier blockchain technology. Public chain PlatOn is the pioneer that set a precedence of multi-party secure computing (MPC) and other cryptographic algorithms into the key management system (KMS), which realizes the management of massive scale digital assets through cryptography, thereby effectively resolving the contradiction between data privacy protection, right ownership and data sharing, and improving the value and efficiency of data. The technology can be used in future scenarios such as digital wallets and inter-agency transactions.

PlatON has focused on the combination of privacy computing and big data AI. The open-sourced, community-based, blockchain ecosystem recently launched Tensorflow, the world’s first privacy AI framework that supports mainstream in-depth learning. PlatON’s series of innovative practices have provided an observable way to solve the problem of “data island” and data asset transaction.

Thanks to its rich industry experience, PlatON can fix the impasse and step forward. It is reported that PlatON’s core founding team has more than 15 years of experience in finance and communications, and strong software implementation capability too. These are exactly what the foundation for PlatON is built on to continuously and effectively promote R&D investment and business practice. At present, PlatON is focusing on R&D and solving the problem of data sharing step by step in the engineering and business world. Currently, PlatON’s leading network, Alaya, is focused on the financial sector, where data is highly standardized and financial institutions have a strong desire to address data privacy concerns.

PlatON’s Future Vision: Building a Data Transaction Infrastructure

PlatON has become a global leader in the field of privacy-protected computing. With the accumulation of finance and AI, PlatON has reached strategic cooperation with HashQuark, Keystore, HashKey Hub and other well-known platforms in the industry to jointly promote the implementation and application of cutting-edge technologies, such as KeyShard, so as to realize the new digital assets custody service in the world and better protect the security of digital assets.

PlatON’s vision is to build a peer-to-peer computing network that integrates verifiable computing, privacy computing, scalable computing, and dedicated computing hardware to provide open-source public infrastructure software development, consulting, and operational services to developers, data providers, as well as various communities, organizations, and individuals with computing needs around the world, and ultimately to support mass data asset transactions.

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