Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton political money connection

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who is presiding over Ken Paxton's impeachment trial next month, in June accepted $3 million in political contributions from a pro-Paxton political action committee.

When Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick presides next week over the impeachment trial of Ken Paxton, his longtime Republican ally and the state’s suspended attorney general, they will enter the proceeding interconnected financially by a series of political donations and loans tied to Paxton’s political future.

Patrick, who as judge will rule on lawyer arguments and motions that could dictate the trial’s outcome, has not publicly discussed the financial terms of a recent $2 million loan his campaign received from a pro-Paxton political action committee. The PAC separately gave Patrick’s campaign a $1 million donation, though Patrick is not up for reelection for three more years and already sits on a $22 million campaign war chest.