Cuomo-Carlson conversation bridges political divides


(NewsNation) — America has become a nation increasingly polarized politically. NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo said trying to cross the chasm is part of why he set up a conversation with political commentator and host Tucker Carlson.

“One of the things I decided to do was start having conversations with people I’m not supposed to,” Cuomo said.

The pairing is an unlikely duo, as Cuomo pointed out Carlson was highly critical of him on air for many years.

Cuomo & Carlson: The Conversation, airs on “CUOMO” Monday at 8 p.m. E.T.

Cuomo and Carlson discuss recent criticism Carlson received for his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, January 6th, COVID-19 and other topics including the pair’s rocky history with each other.

Adam Carolla joined Cuomo to discuss the conversation and why it’s important to talk directly to people he disagrees with.

“I know a lot of people on both sides of the aisle,” Carolla said. “I’m in this weird unique position where I’ll talk to Jimmy Kimmel on a Monday and Tucker Carlson on Tuesday and I’ll talk to you on a Wednesday.”

Carolla told Cuomo he finds hyperpartisanship in the U.S. “confounding” and often people have more in common than not.

“They’re all good people. They all love their families. They all pay taxes and they all love this country,” Carolla said. “So why wouldn’t there be a dialogue with these people?”

Cuomo says it’s a “surprisingly deep conversation” and once they settled in for the chat, Carlson reveals why he says he’s different now then when he was a cable newscaster.

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