Cultural and Sports Center in Southern Suzhou 5G digital theater signing ceremony held in Suzhou


On September 25th, Zhangjiagang Cultural Center and Shineup. China of were holding the cooperation signing ceremony of “Cultural and Sports Center in Southern Suzhou 5G digital Theater” in Suzhou International Expo Center. In the future, they will integrate superior resources, with the purpose of digital empowerment, build the “5G Digital Theater” of Cultural and Sports Center in Southern Suzhou together, and strive to explore the use of the new generation of information technology to build the first 4K/8K ultra high definition digital performance products production base in China. This cooperation reflects the general trend of “digital empowerment” performing arts culture and innovative development.

At the signing ceremony

Vice-chairman Songguanlin of China Association of Performing Arts, committee chairman Fuweibo of China Association of Performing Arts little theatre,CEO Miaobulin of, director Sunjianzhong and vice-director Xumudan of Zhangjiagang Wenti Guangdian he Lvyoujv and managing director Wangzijun of Shineup. China, curator Zhangxuan and original curator Liliqun and vice-curator Chenglixin and Liukun of Zhangjiagang Cultural Centre deputy director Yuhuaqiang of Suzhoushi Gusuqu Jingkejv attended the ceremony.

Leaders and guests attending the signing ceremony

At the signing ceremony, Song Guanlin, Vice-chairman of China Association of Performing Arts, said it is a historical necessity for entity performance to transform into a virtual space, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process. Zhangjiagang 5G digital Theater is worth paying attention to. “This will greatly promote the increase in influence of performing arts, which in turn could promote meaningful expansion of the performance space, and further increase traction and grab attention from audiences, helping the entity performing arts adapt to the new era. “

It is understood that Cultural and Sports Center in Southern Suzhou 5G digital theatre is about to be completed, Shineup. China is responsible for the theatre’s 5G digital upgrade business planning, design and construction. This project was the key display project of digital cultural industry at the CCDE this year, and also one of the most anticipated implementation results of the ‘Cultural Industry 100 billion times Increase Plan’ which has launched by the Suzhou municipal government at the beginning of this year. As for the partnership, Sun Jianzhong, director of Zhangjiagang Wenti Guangdian he Lvyoujv expressed his expectation, “We have been paying attention to the 5G digital theater project, which represents a general direction of our theater development. We need to build it well, land the project seriously and achieve results quick. After the completion of the 5G digital theater, we will film and record excellent local traditional operas in ultra high definition in the 5G digital theater, and promote these operas through the Shineup. China ‘cloud theater’.”

As the service platform of digital performance arts under the operation of China. Org. Cn, Shineup. China is committed to the deep integration of 5G+4K, 8K, VR, AI and other new-generation information technologies with the traditional performance industry. “Cultural and Sports Center in Southern Suzhou 5G digital theater is the first digital theater we have designed and built. It will not only break the glass ceiling of traditional performance production procedures, bring new performance experience, but also help the innovation of stage art forms and digital upgrade of the traditional theater.”

Digital technology will greatly improve the performance efficiency and digital management level of Cultural and Sports Center in Southern Suzhou. Build an intelligent theater operation system through the platform of China. “Performance Cloud” to enhance the functions of traditional theaters, and empower traditional theaters with new business models. In the future, they will rely on this intelligent theater to explore and build a production base for ultra-high definition digital performance content and a digital performance distribution platform, explore and innovate upstream and downstream of the performance industry chain with digital technology.

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