DEX on BSC will Launch Mining on October 20th

Date: is the most innovative DEX yet in the entire blockchain space and they’re about to launch mining on October 20th.’s combination of increased functionality with sound tokenomics and low fees sets it apart from other DEXs that haven’t innovated at all over the last 12 months.

While almost every other DEX over the last year has copy and pasted someone else’s protocol and not innovated for users to increase their experience,’s placed special emphasis on building an entire ecosystem for users. much like other DEXs provide the obvious AMM but they’ve set themselves apart by becoming the first Decentralized Cloud [DeCloud] Trading Protocol. 

Some of the other features and functions of that distance from its competitors: Trade, Farm, Advanced Trade, Deductible Fees, Migrate Liquidity from 5 other DEXs, Node NFT, Personalized Customization [personalize a DEX and gain rewards and fees], Market Data, DAO Governance, Financial Derivatives, Assets, Referral Rewards. 

The First DEX with Supernode NFT 

Users can earn cashback through building their own ecosystem within the larger’s ecosystem and help build ecology. Unlike other platforms rewards users with referral rewards by helping build’s family but while also enriching themselves by generating revenue in’s token, COINS. 

There’s no other DEX yet that allows users to build their own ecosystem and DEX within a larger protocol. This internal community that users can build through NFT and Supernode NFT is the future of the DEX world, why would users want to experience DeFi anywhere else?

Advanced Trading with Professional Settings’s DEX is extremely rare not because of the NFT and Supernode NFT functionality but for other reasons as well. One major reason has separated itself from the competition is the ability to trade with professional settings on’s advanced trading protocol. 

Users can experience trading on a DEX for the first time and will benefit from the k-line functionality and the ability to see the depth of the market in real-time.

These features allow users to trade with the traditional CEX benefits but through a decentralized protocol and gives users that the blockchain space was built for the inclusivity they deserve in financial markets.

Pay for Trading Fees in COINS 

Users will notice that when trading on users can pay for their fees through COINS. This is a net benefit for token holders and those providing the ecosystem with liquidity because with every transaction some of COINS’ supply is burnt. 

This model is much like EIP-1559 that just recently launched on the Ethereum network, which is a deflationary mechanism to reduce Ether’s supply over time. This same system has been implemented by and this is the first DEX in the entire world that has such an innovative system to provide sound tokenomics.

COINS Volatility-Block Reward Locked

It’s important to understand that when staking, COINS price rise and fall and will affect the amount of a user’s locked reward while also being a good control on the circulating supply of COINS. 

The primary initiative of is to continue providing their users with the most advanced functionality in DeFi and with the lowest fees. By operating on Binance Smart Chain and mixing’s Node and Supernode NFT program, users are experiencing the lowest fees in the blockchain space yet.

Mining is the last function to launch on the platform and on October 20th users will have the full functionality of the world’s most revolutionary DEX yet.Join us and enjoy high APY together!




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