Christian Entertainment Platform Launches Gaming and Digital Experiences for Kids


TruPlay Makes High-Quality, Biblical Based Games, Videos and Comics That Kids Want to Play

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TruPlay, a Christian entertainment company that creates transformative content for children, launched its world-class platform that contains games, comics and cartoons designed to bring God’s truth to its youngest consumers. In a world of toxic content for children, TruPlay brings inspiration and hope to the youngest generation and is a safe and trusted platform for children to explore multiple games all in one app.

The average child is on a screen 52.5 hours per week. While 62% of Americans over 40 in this country believe in God, only 32% of our nation’s children do. Many games today feature violence and other illicit activities that are linked with depression and mental health problems.

Built by industry leading veterans, TruPlay provides families with beautiful, fun and inspiring digital experiences, with no ads, in-app purchases or chat features so that every child has the opportunity to experience non-toxic multimedia experiences that strengthen their faith.

“We’re parents just like you who care about our children’s future, mental health and souls,” said Brent Dusing, Founder and CEO of TruPlay. “Parents make the best parents. By supporting TruPlay, you’ll see more Christian content that will affirm your values and lead to a change for an entire generation of children.”

The exciting and creative storylines help children explore their faith in games like “RhymVerse,” a place of endless adventure and other Bible-based games, like Stained Glass and the Action Bible comics. The RhymVerse is a fantastical world where players journey from the depths of the sea to outer space. Gamers will get to know Maple, Lucas, Ava, Benjamin and others, as they navigate real-world issues like bullying, friendship, belonging, identity and isolation with the power of God’s truth.

“As a father, godparent and consumer of digital entertainment, I see the urgent need to harness the advancements in the gaming industry for good,” said Hollywood actor and TruPlay advocate, Dean Cain. “You don’t have to compromise on fun or quality to enjoy the world of digital entertainment. You just have to choose your sources wisely.”

TruPlay’s digital entertainment platform is available on phones and tablets on Apple iOS and Google Android nationwide and is a subscription service. For more information, visit

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