China’s first Amazon Aggregator Nebula Brands Held the First Business Event


As the first Chinese Amazon Aggregator company, Nebula Brands successfully held its first sharing event on August 13 in Shenzhen, with key members from the investment team joining the event.

Speakers from the company talked about the unique business model and acquisition strategies of Nebula Brands and launched the specifically designed initiative, Project Star, for the benefit of Chinese Amazon sellers.

From “Made in China” to “Brands from China”.

Chinese Amazon brands enjoy exceptional advantages in supply chain and E-commerce, adding great impetus to the globalization of products made in China.  

Founded in 2019, Nebula Brands started as a financial service platform designed for Chinese Amazon sellers. As the business continued to grow, the star-up adopted the “Capital Acquisition + Brand Operation” model, which helped it successfully transformed into an Amazon Aggregator company.

Nebula in Chinese means星云(xīng yún), a place where new stars are produced from. For Nebula Brands, each potential Amazon seller can be seen as a new star, waiting to be found and connected.

With adequate capital raised this year, Nebula Brands has built a global team with offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and New York, making fast data-driven decisions to satisfy the need for acquisition in multi-channels, multi-brands and multi-sectors.

When it comes to brand operation, different teams of Nebula Brands work closely with each other, providing quality services in areas like marketing, operations, product development, promotions, supply chain management and customer relationship management. The goal is to constantly upgrade brand strategies and operations, create a diversified company that can empower more sellers, and build a brand matrix for the global markets.

Nebula Brands Acquisition Process Walkthrough

In the event, Nebula Brands shared what they are looking for when evaluating a company for potential acquisition. Their main targets are great Chinese Amazon brands with durable consumer goods and of long-term value. In addition, those Chinese brands need to have a high and stable Amazon ranking in its category, with over 4.0 stars rating and 90% good reviews as well as an annual profit of more than $200,000. It is also preferable if the products have a potential for selling in multi-channels and multi-markets without being influenced by the economic environment. In the post-pandemic era, Nebula Brands favors products under categories like Sports and Outdoors, Kitchen and Dining, Pet Supplies, Tools and Homes, etc.  

What makes Nebula Brands different from other acquires is that the company’s decision-making and deal-making are more agile than those of overseas buyers who are active only in their home market. From start to deal, Nebula Brands can acquire a brand in as short as 25 days. In the event, Nebula Brands provided an in-depth analysis of the local advantages that Chinese aggregators have in acquiring Amazon brands. For example, local experts in China know the Chinese sellers better, resulting in more efficient communication and in-depth understanding of the product. The Chinese acquisition team can complete quality acquisitions as fast as possible. This also gives Chinese brands a chance to better tell their own stories in the global market.

Project Star Unveiled with Premium Service.

Nebula Brands hopes that all Chinese sellers on Amazon can find suitable acquisition companies similar to Nebula Brands, which boasts both tailored acquisition approaches and best-in-class operational capabilities. So they can keep the ownership of more potential brands at home and build real Chinese brands with global vision.

Nebula Brands launched Project Star designed for the first batch of acquired Amazon sellers. They will be given more recourses and tailored service from world-class experts in Nebula Brands. The local supply chains expertise and data-driven decision model will help the potential brands improved in leaps and bounds.

In the Project Star, what those selected Chinese sellers will get includes but not limited to traffic boost, celebrity endorsement, new product R&D, supply chain upgrade, shared revenues, etc. Sharing the equity return of this fast-growing company and trading its stock options at lower prices is another bonus for them. Also, Amazon sellers acquired under the Project Star initiative can applied to be the brand consultant to further enhance their influence in the market and can be paid for providing branding ideas and insights.

Sellers that still got unsold services in Amazon will get from Nebula Brands credit loan with below-market interest and support at cost price from professionals in teams such as marketing, operation, supply chain, IT and legal affairs.

The first sharing event has come to an end, but this is just the beginning of Nebula Brands. With the vision of empowering brands with expertise in the Chinese market and supply chain, Nebula Brands is more than excited for what the future holds. So come and join the adventure with this fast-growing Amazon aggregator!

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