By creating the Steam of GameFi field, MetaLab will build the world’s first chain game aggregation ecology


According to 2021 Global Games Market Report released by Newzoo, from the second half of 2021, chain game industry has grown rapidly, the number of players has increased from 80,000 in early April to 1,330,000 in October with a monthly average increase of 270%, and the daily sales volume has increased from 500,000 US dollars in early April to 544 million US dollars in early October, increasing more than 181 times on average per month and allowing people to see the endless potential of GameFi field in future.

By creating the Steam of GameFi field, MetaLab will build the world’s first chain game aggregation ecology

In the second half of 2021, the total market value of Play-to-Earn tokens exceeded 10 billion US dollars, setting a new high in history. The leader was the game called Axie Infinity. Thanks to the model of Play-to-Earn (P2E), this game rocked to fame with income in a single day 3 times more than Honor of Kings. Driven by Axie Infinity, more and more money poured into GameFi track. According to statistics made by the blockchain game platform service provider Blockchaingamer, the investment in blockchain game field in 2021 exceeded 3 billion US dollars. With support of money, GameFi became more and more popular.

Except for the single game, investors have begun to pay attention to the infrastructures of the track, such as the inter-chain aggregation application platform of chain games which is also the entrance to chain games and the basic blockchain for building the game. At the same time, chain game players also have got new appeals, can they get a one-stop platform entrance to GameFi? Can NFT assets in different games circulate on the same platform? Can the players own a unified administration account with no need to switch blockchain network? Actually, the early developers of MetaLab noticed this demand as early as in 2020 and began to develop MetaLab game aggregation platform in early 2020, and they received heavy strategic investment from CMT Digital on Aug 8, 2020.

In the early stage, MetaLab focused on the cooperation with chain game development teams which were mostly game release, game incubation and game service providers, and tried to build a chain game portal. With the arrival of investment from CMT Digital, MetaLab had sufficient funds to recruit top talents to expand MetaLab aggregation ecology, put the strategic focus on the construction of platform infrastructures, derived a variety of services around GameFi, enriched and improved the platform ecosystem, and helped with optimization of blockchain game ecology.

Now, MetaLab is building an ecosystem from multiple dimensions, establishing the world’s first Steam of GameFi field, and building an ecological product closed loop integrating traditional games, GameFi, NFT, DeFi, Scoial-Fi, Swap, Bridge, Metaverse, and guild aggregation. MetaLab is an innovative Metaverse model supported by multiple ecological chains with multiple identifies of game developer, game aggregation platform, game store, etc., which can help the game companies, players and guilds obtain the game and enter MetaLab Metaverse ecosystem more conveniently. Through integrating the resources of game fields, it aggregates various game applications, game guilds, and game players which will energize each other and develop together. With blockchain technology, it breaks the industrial sore points and builds the first platform of comprehensive game field in future.

For the game developers, MetaLab is open for the developers to obtain more codes of open source game here through the open interface of MetaLab and API setting, realizing interconnection with more game applications and realizing aggregation win-win; for the game guilds, they can obtain a large number of player resources and game application cooperation opportunities through entering MetaLab, connecting the upstream and downstream and realizing symbiotic development; for the game application companies, they can obtain user traffic more rapidly through the big market of MetaLab and obtain more game-related resources; for the users, they can obtain more and more complete game news and guides on MetaLab and select the games and guilds which are more suitable for themselves.

MetaLab can also realize the interconnection between games. The players can play all games on the platform only with one account, bridging the gap between game applications, guilds and players and forming a large aggregation ecological platform.

Now, MetaLab is favored by many investment organizations because of its unique business model. The investment organizations mainly include Tokenmania, AlphaCoin Fund, NCSoft and FINCITY, which are supporting the incubation of high-quality projects on MetaLab platform.

As the world’s first open Metaverse aggregation game platform, MetaLab has integrated multiple games and relevant application ecologies, built an airdrop system to repay users, and lowered the threshold for users to enter Metaverse. For example: the airdrop of the game newly launched by MetaLab will be available for qualified players; the users can obtain part-time income through task contribution on the platform including game demons, test participation, etc.

MetaLab has set a unique model of Play-to-Earn. The players can earn money through this unique model and obtain credit reward through viewing advertisements, news, etc. on the platform.

MetaLab has set an advertising space display system. All game applications can submit an application of advertising space in a way of providing rewards and obtain traffic through advertising display. The users can also obtain profits through viewing advertisements, thus forming a good circulatory system, helping applications obtain traffic, and helping players earn.

MetaLab energizes the game and stimulates the games on platform through the credits system. While playing any game to earn, the player is also participating the mining of the entire platform ecology to obtain both credits and game rewards.

By aggregating Metaverse ecology, MetaLab has constantly participated in new project incubation and launched hot games in combination with its own strong development capability.

MetaLab is a space for the games and the platform to energize each other. MetaLab platform is open and inclusive for any third party, whether individuals or teams, to sell and operate its games, allowing the games and the platform to energize each other.

MetaLab will realize the mutual energization between the guilds and the players. MetaLab is a game guild aggregation platform which integrates global game guilds, lowers the guild threshold, enhances the guild transparency, allows the players to have a clear understanding of industrial rules and hosting fee, increases chances, provides the import of player traffic and the display of the latest information of activity news to the guilds, and realizes the win-win and symbiotic development between the players and the guilds.

By breaking the barrier between games, for example, the props in game A can be exchanged to the clothes in game B through the aggregation system.  

All games will be integrated on MetaLab finally, realizing one-key playing of ten thousand different types of games.

MetaLab uses a brand new DAO de-centralized community governance mechanism for the platform uses to participate in community governance and enjoy the platform profits only by possessing the platform governance tokens,

Besides, MetaLab also deeply cooperates with international chain game companies, blockchain labs, and scientific research institutions, improves the implementation of Metaverse application ecologies around the world, strives to popularize Metaverse game concept to global users in the near future, becomes the leader of Metaverse field, better promotes the development of blockchain game industry, and supports the large-scale commercialized development of blockchain games and NFT.

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