Build The Most Easy-to-use Entrance to Metaverse Ecology Multi-chain ,Wallet SEVEN META To Realize Digitization in The Overall Ecology


The scale of global metaverse market is expected to reach 800 billion US dollars by 2024, according to the analysis by Bloomberg Intelligence. Metaverse, as the carrier of the infusion between the virtual world and the real world, contains huge opportunites in the scene revolution, such as social contact, content, game, office, etc. As the a popular track since 2021, it even attracts a bunch of giants to join in.

Facebook is renamed as Meta; first-class giants such as Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Netease and so forth, come to join in. Metaverse has become the future, and multi-chain wallets will probably become the idendity certificate of native inhabitant in metaverse, as well as the tool and entrance to deposit and host virtual assets. Currently, wallet, as one of the infrastructure of public chains, determines the transaction experience for users in the blockchain, and it gradually iterates other ecological functions. It becomes the super gateway to plenty of DAPPs, provide users with  asset management, trading and value-added services.

Wallet, as the basic digital asset management platform, must improves its function and value along with the development of the industry. The rich public chain ecology and complex on-chain operation present stricter requirements to the functionality and safety of multi-chain wallets.

Against the backdrop, SEVEN META, the aggregated multi-chain wallet of digital ecology comes up with a good solution to the industry by making use of its strength to lead the future of multi-chain wallets.

SEVEN META is a type of multi-chain wallet, a aggregation platform of digital ecology. As an innovative ecosystem of metaverse value interconnection. SEVEN META, as the multi-chain wallet aggregation platform, aims to provide a safe, assuring, easy-to-use, professional and one-stop digital asset wallet application for ordinary users. Meanwhile, it is a comprehensive digital asset financial service aggregation platform involving asset management, DeFi, DAPPs, NFT, GameFi, decentralized social contact and other sectors.

SEVEN META truly manages multi-chain assets in one wallet, allowing all users to easily manage all mainstream digital assets: ETH, TRX, BSC, HECO, FIL, PHA, DOT and other collected 10W+ tokens.

SEVEN META has a strong advantage in performance. Through the self-built K8s cloudchain node group, SEVEN META ensures millisecond update and response of all DAO project prices, quotations and liquidity capital pools on the three mainstream public chains (ETH, BSC and TRON).

SEVEN META has the advantage of multi-dimensional modules. First of all, in the SEVEN META multi-chain wallet, DEFI class has 5000+ asset currency interface, supports currency unique K-line browsing optimization, supports prophet data optimization, supports SWAP full aggregation optimization. Second, SEVEN META achieved 8000+ major DAPPs browser interface optimization and access without high wall restrictions and optimization. Furthermore, SEVEN META follows the trend of blockchain to innovate and create a multi-chain game aggregator +Launchpad that fits the development needs of the metaverse.

SEVEN META owns the independent NFT Exchange, which provides NFT holders with reliable and seamless trading services. SEVEN META will create a new marketplace with more trading volume than OPENSEA. First of all, SEVEN META’s NFT exchange combines its self-built K8S cloudchain node cluster and oracle machine to ensure all NFT project price, market offer, offer and other information update response at the millisecond level on the mainstream public chain where NFT is located. Second, SEVEN META NFT exchange supports zero cost mint of NFT through protocols such as ERC-721 ERC-1155. NFT is a programmable asset implemented based on smart contract design. Users’ NFT works can be used on any platform, including other trading platforms, metaverse games and DeFi extensions. In addition, SEVEN META NFT exchange supports decentralized storage, user metadata can be stored in the storage chain, work will never be lost, support the four decentralized storage solutions, namely IPFS, Filecoin, Arwave and Swarm. In addition, SEVEN META NFT exchange has a blind box system + IG0 system, so that users can have a more diverse and comprehensive use experience.

SEVEN META’s another feature lies in its function of Web 3.0 decentralized social contact, the wallet loads the decentralized IM chat + community system, users can access the decentralized chat network login wallet address, which ensures user anonymity, and the adoption of the end-to-end encryption algorithm. The content of user chat always exists in the user’s terminal only. The community management is optimized. In addition, SEVEN META pioneeres the decentralized order trading to prevent market’s disorderly booms.

In the most basic security part of the wallet, SEVEN META has solid technology to back it up. SEVEN META manages a variety of digital assets by setting up a set of mnemics, creates a random seed offline using BIP39 standard PBKDF2 and HMAC-SHA512 functions (taking the first n bits of the entropy hash as the checksum (n= entropy length /32) to create a random sequence of checksums).

Off-line creation, use of hash encryption algorithms and security protocols can prevent network transmission attacks, such as MITM attacks and RPC interface call permission attacks. Prevent attacks from the installation of programs with low security and terrible terminal accessing key files; encryption methods of terminal files; display modeof backup procedures of terminal key files; production and management of mnemonic word and other key information; the wallet adopts the comprehensive scheme of ECDH + AES end-to-end encryption to ensure the safety of wallet.

SEVEN META even initiates the vituralized storage space; full chain private key off-line storage. It has separated functions of cold and hot storage wallets, so as to maximize the security of user assets.

The ecology layout of SEVEN META has been set, followed by the improvement of ecological products. Let’s look forward to the rise of such gigantic behemoth!

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