Buccaneers shrink home stadium capacity, post-Tom Brady


As a Buccaneer, Tom Brady was very good for business.

With Brady gone, the Buccaneers have removed roughly 3,600 seats that had been added last year to accommodate the demand for what was Brady’s third, and final, season as a member of the team.

Via PewterReport.com, the area dubbed the Krewe’s Nest is no more.

The seating section in the south end zone had replaced a concourse in 2022 — and had pushed the capacity of Raymond James Stadium to nearly 70,000.

That’s why the Bucs would have welcomed Brady back for 2023, if he had wanted to play. And it’s why they would roll out the red carpet right now, if he were to decide he wanted back in.

Multiple teams would at least consider doing it, if Brady were to come knocking. Any unsold tickets for 2023 home games would instantly be gone, the moment Brady walks through the door.

That said, there really aren’t many teams that would be inclined to make a sharp pivot at this stage of the game to Brady. The only ones that would (or should) ponder it at this point include the Dolphins, Raiders, Commanders, Lions, Buccaneers, Saints, and Falcons. For most of them, however, the right move even if Brady were suddenly interested would be to stay the course.

Regardless, it’s highly unlikely that Brady will be back in 2023. It will be interesting to see how he processes the fact that the game has gone on without him. If (as expected) he continues to do his Let’s Go! podcast, we’ll get a weekly glimpse into how it’s going for Brady.

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