BTS Namjoon hilariously thanks fans for looking past his new haircut


BTS’ Namjoon hilariously thanks his fans for looking past his new haircut

Namjoon or RM from the K-pop group BTS thanked his fans for continuing to like him despite his new haircut. He held a live stream on Weverse where he discussed the members, their solo careers, their reunion and much more.

He also reassured fans that the members who are away in the military will still continue to interact with the fans and leave behind content to keep them company like currently enlisted member Jin has done.

He then read one of the comments from a fan that praised his new hair: “Namjoon is pretty no matter what he does!”

He responded with surprise to the comment, claiming: “Wow how big is your love really? I’m sorry I shaved my head but there was just no other way!”

Fans immediately took to social media to show their love for his haircut with one fan writing: “‘Thank you for even loving this strange hair.’ NAMJOON I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU,” while another added: “He looks good even with a shaved cut. He looked so good at Suga’s concert.”

A third fan praised him as well, adding: “I’m really not just saying this he really looks good with this hair.”

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