BTCARE Global Mutual Aid Pioneer


BTCARE is global first decentralized mutual aid plan, which is also the first product and solution that combines blockchain technology with health care and accidental injury protection. With strategic investments from 5 Wall Street Institutions, BTCARE was invited to show on NASDAQ in Time Square, New York.

BTCARE Global Mutual Aid Pioneer

The history of mutual aid plan can be dated back to the 17th century. Workers with common requirements and the same risks united together. Each of these volunteers prepaid a share of contribution for risk loss. After centuries of development, mutual aid plans are now very common in western countries, occupying more than 1/3 of the market.

Since 2019, the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 causes physical, mental and property damage to people of many countries. At the same time, the economic stagnation brought by Covid-19 also greatly weakened people’s ability of risk resistance. The lack of social security in many countries and expensive commercial insurance make people to unite together urgently and help each other to resist risks.

The global population is about to exceed 10 billion soon. However, more than 3.5 billion people lack basic medical insurance, and nearly 5 billion poor people do not have access to any medical service. There are as many as 100 million people becoming very poor because of medical expenses every year. BTCARE hopes to build a mutual aid community and provide everyone equally with high-quality and low-cost mutual aid services.

Blockchain + Insurance is an important application scenario of blockchain. BTCARE Mutual Aid is a new type of insurance method that combines the advantages of both blockchain and traditional mutual aid plans. With the characteristics of decentralization and immutability, BTCARE overcomes the shortcoming of traditional insurance like complex purchasing process, high fee rate and low coverage in underdeveloped areas. Increasing misleading sales have reduced people’s trust in commercial insurance. Different from commercial insurance, BTCARE is transparent and equal. Thanks to blockchain technology and tokenomics, BTCARE Mutual Aid can save up to 90% of the cost as that of commercial insurance. Every penny paid by users will be spent on people in real need of help.

BTCARE has launched 2 products in 2021: Critical Illness Mutual Aid Plan and Traffic Accident Mutual Aid Plan. The Critical Illness Mutual Aid Plan provides health care protection of 30 common critical illness and severe Covid-19. The Traffic Accident Mutual Aid Plan provides benefits for accidental death and dismemberment. BTCARE will operate in different areas and countries around the world at the same time.

BTCARE Token, serves as the value circulation carrier of the entire BTCARE mutual aid community and ecosystem. It enables all transaction behaviors, value transfers and information transfers of the entire platform to proceed simultaneously. By staking stable coins and mining FREE BTCARE, users can enjoy FREE protection. Every month, the BTCARE team will destroy the same amount of BTCARE as the users lock up in the current month. The deflation mechanism helps the healthy growth of BTCARE value.

During the mutual aid period, BTCARE members can apply for mutual aid if suffering specified accidental injuries or illnesses. After investigation and confirmation, the member will get up to $50,000 aid fund. Each member is supposed to pay for the share of contribution (UP to 2$/Month). The whole Procedure is simple and easy to operate. Report and publicity rules are set up to prevent cheating cases.

Different from the traditional insurance, every member who participates in BTCARE Mutual Aid is not only an insured, but also an insurer, an investor in the BTCARE community. The community is an important part in the mutual aid plan. Global investigators/partners, community juries, and every community member participate in the BTCARE community management, supervision, operation and other functions together. The community, jury, and investigators/partners form a fair and upward community atmosphere based on public accounts and proof of work, thereby promoting the development of the BTCARE mutual aid system. Every user can join the community and contribute to the development of the mutual aid plan. They together create an intelligent, efficient and robust ecosystem.

BTCARE brings insurance back to the original purpose. That is to protect people’s lives, not just for profit. The BTCARE community takes into account the harmonious development of humanity and technology, individuals and communities, giving and receiving. Now, BTCARE has already got more than 62,000 users all over the world. BTCARE is dedicated to becoming a model of a community with a shared future for mankind in this era.

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