Biomedicine Project Management Experts: Develop High-Quality Innovative Products Around The Needs of The Biopharmaceutical Market


With the rapid development of social economy, people’s living standards continue to improve, and more and more attention is paid to their own health management. The biomedical industry is developing rapidly in such an environment. In the process of promoting the development of biomedical engineering construction, only by further strengthening biological the management of pharmaceutical projects can continuously promote the development of the industry to meet the development of society and the needs of people.

Beijing Zhongcheng Zhihui Engineering Management Consulting Co. , Ltd., which has many national-level expert resources and key large and medium-sized enterprise resources in the fields of medicine, chemical industry and information technology , has been highly biocompatible hemodialysis membrane for Jiangsu Care Medical Technology Co., Ltd. since its establishment. The project, the high-end API production base project of Hubei Hanrui Pharmaceutical Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Hubei Haite Company, and the whole industry chain service construction project of Shanghai Optima Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the largest culture medium manufacturer in China, were carried out. Consulting services to conduct in-depth demonstration of the feasibility of project construction . The company has introduced safe and reliable pharmaceutical products for customers with excellent technical ability and high-quality service , escorted people ‘s healthy life, won the trust of many customers , and has a good social reputation . Behind this series of honors, the feelings and strength of Ms. LIU Yuan, the chairman of Beijing Zhongcheng Zhihui Management Consulting Co., Ltd., are condensed . At every critical moment, she can always rely on her broad vision and perseverance, with a foresight mind and high-level wisdom, so that the R & D team can gradually grow, and she can focus on scientific research, pointing out the direction for the company’s development.

The predecessor of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering of Zhejiang University (Department of Chemical Engineering for short) was the Department of Chemical Engineering of Zhejiang University. LIU Yuan chose to study for a Ph.D. in the Department of Chemical Engineering in this well-known university, and began to have a strong interest in using computational methods to study biomolecules . Due to his excellent academic performance , he was invited to participate in the research of the doctoral dissertation of Tsinghua University. After graduation, she worked as a senior engineer and registered consulting engineer in China International Engineering Consulting Company . During this period, she was proficient in the professional technology and management knowledge of engineering construction, and participated in the formulation of relevant national industrial policies. Also familiar with the knowledge of economics, management, finance and law related to engineering construction , such as evaluation methods and theories of various investment and financing projects, basic analysis tools such as financial accounting, financial benefit evaluation of projects, social and economic evaluation and National Economic Evaluation System , etc. LIU Yuan has the ability to clearly judge the feasibility of projects. He is responsible for evaluating foreign-funded projects, joint-venture projects, domestic-funded projects, new projects, reconstruction and expansion projects, large and medium-sized traditional industrial projects and high-tech projects, etc., can accurately judge the investment and financing projects.

Affected by the COVID-19, countries have increased their emphasis on biomedicine to an unprecedented level, and have increased investment in biotechnology research and development, talents, and innovation. As a key development target of the “biotechnology industry”, pharmaceutical R&D has received widespread attention. China’s domestic pharmaceutical companies have developed rapidly, and the R&D functions of foreign-funded enterprises have gradually shifted to China. China has begun to become a new drug R&D center . However , most of China ‘s biopharmaceutical companies have limited independent R&D capabilities, and the localization rate is not optimistic. LIU Yuan just saw the gap in the domestic pharmaceutical market and the growth potential of the industry, and decided to switch to the pharmaceutical industry. At the beginning of the company’s establishment in 2021 , in the face of the fiercely competitive market, LIU Yuan emphasized that innovation is the first driving force leading the development of the enterprise and the only way to achieve higher quality, more sustainable and safe development. Therefore, on the track of independent research and development, we have broken technical barriers again and again, expanded and deepened again and again, and independently developed ” Big Data-based Data Collection And Analysis System For Biomedical Projects” , ” Fuzzy Algorithm-based Biomedical Project Evaluation System” ” Cloud Computing-based Biomedical Project Management System” , ” Artificial Intelligence-based Biomedical Research And Development Budget Analysis System” and other technical products. As soon as these technologies were put into the market, they have received extensive attention in the industry , bringing systematic opportunities for medical innovation , and gradually solving or alleviating many diseases in the treatment of many diseases, helping the development of the entire industry.

Talking about the future development prospects of the industry, LIU Yuan explained: ” Influenced by factors such as economic development, changes in living environment, changes in people’s health concepts, and the acceleration of the aging process, China’s biopharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly. Coupled with the increase in national income , the accumulated social wealth is eventually transformed into the demand for medical care, and the medical needs of ordinary people are also bursting out rapidly, and the technology of the biomedical industry has great potential for development in the next ten years .” She said that she will focus on the market demand of biomedicine and develop high – quality innovative products to contribute to the development of China’s medicine . At the same time, I send a special message to new practitioners, to seize the opportunity of the development of China’s biomedicine industry , pay attention to cultivating their own scientific research and innovation capabilities and a good team spirit , and develop a high-quality brand representing China’s biopharmaceuticals to go abroad and bring cutting-edge pharmaceutical products to people from all over the world. (Reported by Stevens Wu)

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