Beijing CBD-Based CP Group Aims At “Great Health and Great Future”


Beijing CBD-Based CP Group Aims At “Great Health and Great Future”

CP Center in Beijing

According to the latest data, Beijing CBD ranks the 7th as a global business district and is the No.1 preferred city in China in terms of attractiveness for business users. The newly developed CP Center, CP Group’s headquarter, is located right in the core of the “Golden Cross”. It is connected to Guanghua Road in the North and CITIC Tower in the West, overlooking the CCTV building. It has 238-meter-high Twin Towers, one of which serves as the China Headquarters of CP Group and the other is the World Chinese Merchant Center.

Mr. Michael Ross, Vice-Chairman of CP Group and Chairman of CP Commercial Real Estate Group

Mr. Michael Ross, Vice-Chairman of CP Group and Chairman of CP Commercial Real Estate Group, said, “Beijing CBD has many high-end office buildings, but at CP Group we looked ahead to the long term to comprehensively innovate from concept, positioning to execution”.

CP Center is more than an office building, as it was built to integrate CP Group’s cooperative, operational and service advantages to develop an industrial cluster, so as to stimulate the industrial vitality and realized the extension from the business office to the business ecology.

Ecological Common Prosperity

The concept of “Great Health + Great Future” industrial ecological circle of CP Center originated at the time of planning. 10 years back, under the guidance of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, CP Center jointly won the bid for the Z14 plot in the core area of Beijing CBD together with many other overseas Chinese business enterprises. The group has never wavered from their core objectives. Since the beginning and starting with the land development stage and during mid-term construction, Mr. Michael Ross took over developing the investment invitation and management of the project.

He expressed that digging deep into CP’s century-old DNA, it would reveal that CP Group has the vision of “being the world’s kitchen and the supplier of human energy.” “Great Health” is not only an important part of the group’s industrial layout, but also the foundation of national prosperity and the common pursuit of the people. At present, several benchmark enterprises in the great health industry have taken the lead and settled in CP Center, such as SINO Biopharmaceutical and Bionorica, etc., initially forming an aggregation effect.

The “Great Future”, on the other hand, strikes simultaneous resonance with the developmental direction of China’s new infrastructure. The representative enterprises that have joined include Gfk, the leader of global intelligent data analysis and decision-making, and Qizhi Technology, China’s first to focus on the field of data center operation and maintenance security.

As far as developers of office building are concerned, the final stage of business invitation is directly linked to income and value. Most people regard rental income as primary consideration, yet this is not the core standard, according to Mr. Ross.

As the benchmark building in the prime location, CP Center attracts a large number of potentials interested tenants. Therefore, Mr. Ross is extremely cautious in selection for the first batch of tenants.

“When measuring the loss, we have to consider the enterprise’s credit, business condition and the ability to create revenue for the government”. Mr. Ross emphasizes the long-term development, must abide by the principles that benefit the nation, benefit the people who must come first, and then benefit the enterprises. Such sustainable development has never conceded against the backdrop of the epidemic.

Quality and content also highlight the business brand. Mr. Ross required the team that manage the commercial offer to have clients from Monday to Sunday with the lessees operating for 7 days.

“The fertile land would yield nothing if cement is laid, so we should actively seek for water and the appropriate corps for a better biology”. Mr. Ross’s principle is greatly valued by the clients allowing the business to deliver much more than early predictions.

Technological elements are also integrated into the building. Air cleaning system with UV sterilization and AI access are creating an intelligent commercial entity.

Mr. Ross thinks that technology would reduce the mistakes, “Great Future is the theme and position of CP Group, but also its intrinsic attribute”.

Multifunctional conference space, underground treasury and one-step service are making CP Center outstanding over other commercial buildings.

To transform a building into a business ecology, Mr. Ross utilizes “great synergy”, indicating that in the whole business ecosystem, CP Group, as a platform and service provider, deeply participates and accompanies the service system for a whole life cycle of enterprises from incubation, growth to sustainable profit.

Three Benefits Principle

In the past 40 years of the fast growth of China, CP Group has always been keeping the Three Benefits Principle in mind: benefit the nation and benefit the people come first, and then benefit the enterprises come second. This is also the original aspiration of expanding the business in Chinese market.

The Vice-Chairman of CP Group and Chairman of CP Commercial Real Estate Group Mr. Ross came from Hong Kong to mainland China in 1996, and took charge of the ‘Lotus Market’. As the first retailing brand in the mainland, Lotus Market introduced concepts of open shelves and leased places, becoming the first brand attempting “new retail” in the mainland.

In 2002, Mr. Ross participated in Super Brand Mall in the charge of CP Group, which is the first one-step shopping mall in China and the first to attempt comprehensive commercial building. Super Brand Mall now has become a landmark building for Shanghai.

“We are not a traditional property developer, but to upgrade the land use to it to better serve the people.” Mr. Ross introduced that for each city it enters with its developments, we hope to bring industries, create more jobs and increase government tax revenue.

Thanks to China’s economic take-off, CP Group has never stopped investing in and supporting China. CP Center is the home of the global businesses in China and also serves as a communication platform for Chinese businessmen, as well as a link between the global Chinese business community and the government to jointly promote China’s economic development and prosperity.

Mr. Ross concluded that the global development of CP Group is based on its six values: the principle of Three Benefits, Speed and Quality, Simplification, Accept change, Innovativeness and Integrity and Honesty. 2021 indicates a centennial history of CP Group, and CP Group will continue to emphasize the cultivation of talents and technology research & development in the next 100 years. We will continue to strive for the realization of people’s aspirations for a better life.

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