Bafta-nominated young game designers take on real-world issues

Young video gamers are incorporating the big issues that matter to them into game designs, in the hope their concepts will become a reality.

Bafta has announced 51 finalists in its Young Game Designer of the year competition.

Amongst those shortlisted are 11-year-old Finley, from Dorset, who has designed Seas of Salvation, where the player collects waste and plastic from the ocean to progress.

Habiballah, 14, from Berkshire, decided to build a game called Rewind, which looks at five stages of grief.

Meanwhile, 15-year-old Emily, from Surrey, has been shortlisted for A Splash of Colour, where the main character – inspired by Covid-19 restrictions – restores colour to a fading world.

The winners, who will have their concepts made into working games, are due to be announced on Thursday.

Video Journalist: Ben Moore