B9: Nine necessary know-abouts for the week ahead in Santa Cruz County arts & entertainment


Here they are, nine necessary know-abouts for the week ahead. It’s the doorbells-and-sleigh-bells B9:

  1. Funk, soul, jazz, psychedelia: Butcher Brown brings the whole mix.   
  2. It’s the biggest weekend of the year for the devoted performers at Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre — you guessed it, “The Nutcracker” is here.  
  3. Joni Mitchell’s songs are already great enough, but to hear Santa Cruz’s great Lori Rivera do them? Too much sonic pleasure.
  4. You want your seasonal music with a Latin flavor? Man, do we have good news for you: The Spanish Harlem Orchestra is set to unleash “Salsa Navidad” on Santa Cruz. 
  5. Sunday afternoon, Corralitos and John Prine, all those things go together in perfect harmony.  
  6. Wait, there’s a new Dr. Seuss book? And, hold on a sec, you can actually talk to The Grinch in person about it?
  7. The identical twin brothers known as The Mattson 2 are really exploring some new sonic landscapes in California music. Check what they’re laying down at Moe’s.     
  8. There’s something deliciously retro about pianist and vocalist Davina Sowers and her band the Vagabonds, in a distinctly 1940s New Orleans-y kind of way.  
  9. Live Christmas music at Holy Cross Church is a special experience, especially when that music comes by way of Engelbert Humperdinck (no, not that one). 

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