‘Aporia’ Writer/Director Jared Moshé Breaks Down the Rules of Time Travel


The Big Picture

  • Jared Moshé’s Aporia presents the audience with a unique twist on a common premise, as Sophie must decide whether to go back to her deceased husband or continue living in her grief-stricken reality.
  • The rules of time travel in the film are intentionally kept simple: the machine can only kill, you can’t undo death, and using the machine creates a new reality but you still remember the original one.
  • Despite the opportunity to change history, Sophie’s main priority becomes taking care of her daughter, highlighting the importance of family and the legacy she wants to leave behind. Aporia premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival and will be released in theaters soon.

The sci-fi film Aporia places Judy Greer‘s character Sophie, in a very complicated situation, where she will need to decide what she actually wants from her future. After suffering a devastating loss, an opportunity will allow her to revert the cause of her suffering, only to discover the devastating consequences traveling through time can have. While the rules for time travel can seem very complicated in most stories that use the concept, Aporia tries to make them as simple as possible. During a recent interview with Collider’s Emily Bernard, Jared Moshé, the director behind the drama film, explained how it works:

So, I wrote down kind of a rough– what the machine does, and I set up the rules right then and there, and those rules became the rules I lived by as the writer. I never want more than three. It’s really basic, you know, very simple. You can understand them. You know, rule number one, the machine can only kill. Rule number two, you can’t un-kill someone, so there’s no undo button. Rule number three, if you use the machine, you remember the original reality, not the new one you created.

The filmmaker also took time to explain how he needed to be absolutely sure of the decisions he was taking regarding the concept for the feature, stating: “And so those sort of became the touchstones for the movie, and honestly, I was kind of figuring out how, as I was working with my characters, how they would navigate those rules. I was figuring how to navigate those rules. I never really went back, like, “I gotta tweak this rule, I gotta change this rule,” or, “I gotta make this different.” I was like, “No, these are the rules, and gotta live by them.””

Aporia will present audiences with a common premise, but with a twist. After Mal (Edi Gathegi) gets killed by a drunk driver, Sophie doesn’t know what to do next. She has to raise her daughter, go to work every day and be present for her family while having to deal with an unimaginable amount of grief. But when a physicist approaches her with a time machine, she must decide if she wants to go back to her husband, or stay in the life she’s currently living. After all, changing history tends to have relevant effects on the life of the traveler.

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A Difficult Decision

After Sophie sees her husband for the first time since he passed away, she realizes the machine is not what she thought it would be, and she has to think about the legacy she actually wants to leave behind. Regardless of whether she can keep her partner alive or not, taking care of her daughter became her main priority, and nothing was going to change that anytime soon. Aporia premiered at this year’s edition of the Fantasia Film Festival, before arriving to movie theaters across the United States this weekend. Sophie’s story is about to be shared with the world.

You can check out the official trailer for Aporia below:

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