AOFEX Rolls out “OT Airdrop Program” and Gives away 120,000 OT at Phase 1


AOFEX will launch its “OT Airdrop Program” at 15:00, November 4, 2021, which is designed to build closer connection with users, enable all OT holders to enjoy blockchain value, explore more application scenarios, contribute to the development of blockchain industry, and realize mutual benefits. In “OT Airdrop Program” Phase 1 AOFEX will give away 120,000 OT. (Scroll down to the end for participation details.)

Platform token (OT): AOFEX’s value carrier

OT is an ERC20-based digital asset issued by AOFEX. The application scenarios of OT cover all products and rights and interests on the platform, including but not limited to transaction fee deduction, airdrop rewards, preferential purchase of hot saving products, bonus rebate, mining with OT positions, AP Center, etc.

To increase the ecological value of OT, the platform has established a sound deflation mechanism, and adopted buyback burning before output to keep the buyback burning amount ≧ incentive output. Through buyback burning and listing burning, OT circulating supply on secondary markets does not exceed 20% (20 million) of the total amount since its launch, to keep its stability and scarcity, build a safe and sound token economy system, and push OT and AOFEX ecosystem to be stronger. In addition, due to the demands of project parties and merchants, OT circulating supply will be reduced to create favourable markets. Until now, AOFEX has destroyed 9,340,685 OT in total.

With globalization advancement, AOFEX ecosystem scenarios are gradually implemented and OT will be adopted in these scenarios. Due to OT mechanism and external favorable factors, OT and AOFEX will facilitate each other to empower the ecosystem’s development and create values.

OT Airdrop Program: OT development driver

The OT Airdrop Program is important for the development of OT Ecosystem and is a big move which allows all users in this ecosystem to enjoy the dividends of OT for long term. OT Airdrop Program will be held from time to time along with the development of the platform. The campaign covers all application scenarios of OT Ecosystem, including but not limited to OT Mystery Box, OT Ecosystem Mining Pool and OT DeFi Liquidity Mining, OT Finance, OT Purchase, OT Options, OT Spot and Margins.

OT Airdrop Program Phase 1: Gives away 120,000 OT

During 15:00, November 4, 2021 – 23:59, November 19, 2021 (GMT+8), 100,000 OT will be distributed to the users who participated in any campaign among the OT Lucky Draw Phase 1, OT Mystery Box Phase 1 and Phase 2.

  • Give away 100,000 OT to OT Mystery Box participants

During the activity, the OT amount to be airdropped to users depends on users’ previous OT amount and participation in the campaigns above.

Participants: Users who participate in any campaign among the OT Lucky Draw Phase 1, OT Mystery Box Phase 1 and Phase 2. (Check airdrop qualification: Users can check their qualification for Phase 1 here.)

  • Airdrop 20,000 OT for referrals

1. During the activity, the new users who complete KYC and make any spot transaction can win 0.1-2 OT randomly. The referers who invite these new users can obtain 50% of their rewards, totaling 10,000 OT.

2. 50 existing users and 50 new users will be randomly picked up to get 66 or 88 OT for each.

3. The users who send the airdrop poster to social media platforms, take a screenshot and upload it to the form are eligible to share the prize pool of 2,300 OT. Rewards are directly proportional to poster shares.

Participants: All users signed up on AOFEX

AOFEX will launch “OT Airdrop Program” from time to time. For activity contents, please follow AOFEX’s official announcements.

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