AOFEX Establishes Canada Branch based on Its Global Strategic Plan to Develop North America Market


To globalize the secure and global digital assets service, improve AOFEX’s influence, and provide better services for users, AOFEX has officially established its Canada Branch on September 2, 2021 to further develop the market in the North America and accelerate its globalization. At the same time, AOFEX gives away 200,000 USDT.

In these years AOFEX, engaged in the field of digital assets and globalization, provides 24-hour services for 1.60 million users in a satisfactory way. AOFEX ecosystem building and the platform token OT contribute to each other. The OT price has increased 21.43% within 7 days, 76.63% within 30 days. As of writing its price is 4.25USDT.

The establishment of AOFEX’s Canada Branch represents the implementation of its mission, vision and business philosophy. The Branch will provide more tailored services based on the practices and demands of local users and explore local good projects, so that our digital service is available to more users. The Canada Branch will start well-rounded and diverse cooperation with KOLs, communities and media across the country, support local policies, and accelerate the compliance procedures. Besides, the Canada Branch will make efforts to attract more talents from different industries, explore quality projects, optimize users’ trading experience, and improve influence.

In the future, AOFEX will build more branches, break the physical boundary of excellent digital finance and services with the help of its branches, reach more users and regions, to include more common people into the digital finance.

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