, the Website of cryptocurrency exchange Ants, Make it Through the Days


The sudden COvid-19 outbreak broke the highly anticipated 2020 into a hideous mess.

As the epidemic was rampant, the Fed resorted to quantitative easing policies, the cryptocurrency market was enviably booming when Bitcoin once rose to $65000, an all-time high.

Tesla, PayPal and other traditional institutions also flooded into the game; the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was listed on Nasdaq; NFT become popular among more people, and El Salvador recognized bitcoin as the national fiat currency; the list could go on.

Cryptocurrency is variously linked to the world.

As the global world is imposing strict regulations on the cryptocurrency exchange, Ants’ website or is positively open to the supervisions by strengthening compliant management, hence it is the first to be out of woods and grows stably.

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