Alpha Hadge to Fund $10 Million to Drive Plug Chain Global Eco-Technology Development


Alpha Hadge Foundation, a Singapore-based fund, has expressed its plan to invest 10 million USDT in Plug Chain’s founding technology team and foundation on November 11, 2021, throwing an olive branch to the subsequent development of Plug Chain’s technology and giving high recognition to the existing underlying technology.

Alpha Hadge Foundation investment manager said, “Plug Chain, like Ether, Wavefield, BSC, etc., can provide developers with convenient and fast underlying technology, and also has the advantage of dual combination of Cross-chain + Oracle design, which can provide efficient services for interoperability between public chains, making data interaction senseless and value circulation freely.”

In terms of ecological applications, within just three months of the mainnet launch, more than ten projects built on Plug Chain have been rapidly incubated, including Dex, NFT, Metaverse, Stable Coin, Defi, ERP system, etc.

More than 30 community Dapps around the world, after secondary development, also fully demonstrate the practicality of Plug Chain’s underlying technology and the degree of community applicability. In terms of community building, the global community’s enthusiasm continues to rise, PLUGCN is still very solid after 4 weeks listed on the exchange, and the price has continued to rise, which represents the strong consensus of the community and the affirmation of Plug Chain’s value.

The $10 million injection from Alpha Hadge Foundation will be used to acquire Plug Chain’s branding rights and build Alpha Hadge nodes. At the same time, Plug Chain’s existing foundation node structure, and all technical team structure, immovable address accounts, etc., will remain unchanged.

The fund is planned to be injected into the founding technical team of Plug Chain over a period of 1 year for the research and development of the technology and the building of international ecological applications, so that Plug Chain can be better established in Asia and eventually globally.

Plug Chain’s founding team will use the funds to actively provide a more efficient development environment for developers around the world, with the goal of helping Plug Chain’s global community build more than 100 ecosystems and applications by June 2022, enabling developers to use Plug Chain efficiently in different development environments and languages.


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