AITN Global AI Intelligence “Time and Space Race”


According to Cryptovest reports, the global AI intelligence “space-time race” event initiated by AITN will be officially launched globally at 18:00 UTC-7 on May 6, 2022. The event period is 45 days and will last from May 6 to June 21.

It is reported that the global users of AITN are rapidly increasing and become the hottest industry topic in a short period of time. During this period, the global consensus of AITN has been further strengthened, and it has been recognized by dozens of capitals around the world. Several major institutions have expressed that they will continue to pay attention to the development prospects of AITN and will carry out pioneering cooperation on a global scale.

AITN Global AI Intelligence “Time and Space Race”

In order to further accelerate the popularization and application of AITN concepts and achievements. The AITN global AI intelligence “space-time competition” is specially launched to reward users who have made outstanding contributions in the global promotion and popularization of AITN, and reward users who actively participate in the global competition.

The total amount of rewards for the event is 20 million AITN, and the reward objects are the top 100 nodes (ranked according to work efficiency output, log in to AITN official website for details). In order to express the enthusiasm and sincerity for the global community nodes, this time the reward is unprecedented, and if you grab it, you will earn it.

A decentralized social brain, AITN has natural technological advantages and forward-looking courage. It is bound to become an advocate of AI intelligence + blockchain application landing. AITN will continue to bring more benefits to global users. Technology creates the future AITN leads the wave of the WEB3.0 era. stay tuned!

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