AIF, open up the bright future of the future farm of smart city


The smart city is the core carrier of the digital economy. From the government’s perspective, where is the “wisdom” of the smart city that impresses the government?

As new technologies such as big data, AI, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things mature, as the soil for the birth of smart city technologies, smart cities begin to evolve again. AI+ puts forward the “1+1+N” digital smart city construction idea, that is, “a city digital platform + a smart brain + N smart applications”.

AIF, open up the bright future of the future farm of smart city

The goal of a smart city is to achieve prosperity and benefit the people. The “wisdom” of moving the government is to deeply integrate new technologies into urban application services, promote the development of the digital economy, and improve people’s living standards.

Future cities will be “smart” everywhere. Through unremitting efforts, AI+ will enable more and more cities to truly become digitally intelligent, bringing the digital world to everyone, every family, and every organization, and building the Internet of Everything Smart world.

What is the future farm/smart farm like?

Under the opportunities of large-scale global land transfer, rural revitalization strategy, and rapid development of information technology, what will the future farm/smart farm look like in the future agriculture 4.0 era?

The AI+ full-scenario first landing ecological application smart farm smart contract AIF has been initially completed. AIF has established a digital agricultural solution and optimized the shared agricultural solution.

①Intelligent management system (brain)

②Digital operation platform

③Agricultural Internet of Things and Agricultural Remote Sensing

④Smart agricultural business

⑤Intelligent agricultural machinery equipment

⑥Precise fertilization and irrigation

⑦Disaster monitoring and early warning

⑧Environmental effect monitoring

⑨Agricultural big data and cloud computing

⑩Industry integration

AIF is all produced through smart contracts, and justswap will be launched soon. AIF will bring a new system reform plan for Agriculture 4.0.

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