AI Insights: Generative AI to develop a white-label travel assistant


We want to help you keep up with how brands across the travel industry are exploring – and using – generative artificial intelligence solutions from companies including OpenAI, Google and more. So we’re surveying technology professionals at leading travel brands, and we’ll be publishing their answers periodically here. 

Joris Vanherp, CEO of Live the World, is the latest to share his thoughts on generative AI, how his company is using it and its impact on the travel industry.

We began working with generative AI in … early 2022. We always planned to automate part of our content creation and maintenance, leveraging generative AI. When ChatGPT got released at the end of the year, we quickly realized this created many new opportunities and started brainstorming.

Our current work with generative AI is focused on … the development of a white-label software-as-a-service version of our AI travel assistant Maya, which travel companies can implement to inspire and inform their travelers about their own content and products, while they’re capturing lead details and qualifying the potential customers.

The biggest challenge for us related to generative AI is … the randomness of the results. In typical software, when a feature is working, you can be almost certain it will always work (under the same circumstances). In order to make generative AI “creative,” there is always some randomness in the results, so there is no single correct answer anymore that you can easily compare the result to while testing.

For the travel industry overall, we see the most potential for generative AI in … improving the traveler’s experience early in the planning process. When a traveler gets in touch with a travel agency, he typically has to wait several days to get a custom trip, because they need a lot of information and spend a lot of time. By combining their knowledge and content with generative AI, travel agencies can offer their extraordinary service instantaneously and to many more travelers, which will lead to a better experience for the traveler and higher conversion for the agency.

One year from now … we expect to be using generative AI for almost everything. Besides being the core of our product, it’s also being put in place to support many processes, from content creation to sales and marketing.

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