After stellar Colorado debut, Travis Hunter talks future NFL team


Colorado receiver/defensive back Travis Hunter had a great debut. He followed the impressive showing by taking a peek ahead into the future.

Via Jelani Scott of, Hunter touched on the places he would, and wouldn’t, like to play at the next level during the first episode of his Bleacher Report show, 12 Talks.

Hunter said his favorite team is the 49ers, but that’s not his first choice for NFL destination.

If I had a say, I like staying in Colorado,” Hunter said.

He’s also not thrilled about the chatter that he’ll be a Packer.

“Everybody I talk to, says I’m going to Green Bay, I don’t know why,” Hunter. “But Green Bay is cold. I don’t got a problem with the cold. Why I gotta go to Green Bay?”

Well, if he’s drafted there, he won’t have a choice. Which is one of the problems with the draft. The player has no say whatsoever as to his initial NFL destination.

Few ever question it. Even fewer ever push back.

That could change. Between NIL revenue and the transfer portal, it could just be a matter of time before one or more college players decide not to just shrug and regard being drafted to a place they don’t want to play as an “honor and a privilege.” When a player is forced to go to a team for which he’d rather not play, it is neither honor nor privilege.

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