A supercomputing network of blockchain + Internet of Things that is truly oriented to general public applications comes out


On September 10, 2021, Ignaz Wayne (Twitter name) Forest Network Labs and Forest Network CTO, the founder of Forest Network Labs and Labs, tweeted at the same time, “After four years of continuous efforts, Forest Network finally meets with you.” , And released the Forest Network1.0 white paper and website: forest.sn.

According to the Fototest Network white paper, the Forest Network (decentralized supercomputing network) combines decentralized computers and storage and IoT terminal equipment with the blockchain to establish a decentralized supercomputing network around the world. Obtain trusted computer and storage resources through the Forest Network network to form a standardized data collection, calculation, analysis, and trading platform.

The Forest Network Protocol Laboratory created a [Random Forest Consensus Law] protocol for the first time, which has low cost, low energy consumption, high performance (tps: 50000/s), high expansion (supports hot expansion), and high security (AIFN-PoST consensus) ) Features, so that every general public can participate anytime, anywhere, contribute or obtain the required computing and storage requirements.

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