China’s Milk Producing Areas Poised to Win on Quality, a Range of Indicators Shows


Auckland,New Zealand–“47° N, The Latitude of Global Treasures”, a documentary trailer co-produced by the Discovery and China Feihe, was officially launched recently. The Discovery also announced a joint exploration to the area together with China Feihe in the global press conference of Certification on China’s Prime Infant Milk Producing Area.  

Over the past few years, China has introduced a series of policy measures to support the construction of high-quality milk source bases, dairy production areas and industrial clusters, with a view to bolstering China’s competitiveness in global dairy industry. China Feihe is a leading producer of infant milk powder, and has taken the lead in the industry in China in implementing a production model with the industry chain all inclusive. The model ensures product safety by intensive production at scale, and is now being replicated across the nation. According to the results of China’s food quality sampling test, the infant formula powder has kept a pass rate of no less than 99% for five consecutive years. The prime infant milk producing area, which carries the headline of the certification conference, is where the production base of Feihe’s infant milk powder is located.

The first Prime Infant Milk Producing Area in China is at 47° north latitude. Natural conditions in the area come with lands of very rare ecological interests, including Zhalong Nature Reserve, the world’s largest expanse of habitat for the red-crowned cranes, and one of the three major lands of black soil in the world. Furthermore, the area also provides cows with naturally relatively weak alkaline water, benefiting cows by regulating the acid-base balance in the body.

Feihe’s milk product production base is situated in the unique area, containing 600,000 MU (1 MU= 1/15 ha) of exclusive farms, 11 owned pastures and herds of over 90,000 cows. Data reveals that raw milk from Feihe’s pastures reaches the highest international levels with indicators exceeding US and EU standards for protein, fat, colony index, somatic cell count, etc.

The certification on China’s Prime Infant Milk Producing Area has attracted widespread attention in China. Economist Ma Guangyuan pointed out that the certification marked a milestone in China’s progress toward building regional brands of high-quality milk production areas and enhancing consumer confidence in local brands’ milk sources. Economist Guan Qingyou commented that the milk production base offered Feihe incomparable advantages and product uniqueness.

Financial observer Qin Shuo believes that the secret to business success lies with the local terroir and customs. The superb natural environment underpins the freshness and high quality of Feihe’s milk product, which earned the Feihe brand nationwide fame. Today, one out of every five cans of infant milk powder in China comes from Feihe.

“We always think of Europe first when it comes to wine, think of South America when it comes to coffee, and the West Lake in China when it comes to Longjing tea. I believe that China’s infant milk powder industry will also become a showpiece among world-class products produced at 47° north latitude.” Said Vikram Channa, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Vice President and Head of Content & Products for Greater China and Southeast Asia, in the conference.

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