A new brand of politics: We can only hope


Ledger Columnist Bruce Anderson in Lakeland Fl  Thursday December 22,2022.
Ernst Peters/The Ledger

This is a holiday season, stuffed with holiday traditions, for every faith and those without a structured set of devotions – and we should celebrate them all.

As a (sometimes faulty) Christian, I’ve always interpreted this time as the ultimate season of reflection and hope. But mostly hope. However dire the world geist may be at the moment, the older I get, and the more Christmases I experience, the greater the hope and the deeper the understanding that the noise and sometimes tragedy of the moment will, in fact, pass.

I’m not a Bible quoter – everyone has their favorites and I’d not want to even try to match the perspicacity and articulation of the thoughtful theologians I sometimes hear – but seeking any sources beyond Instagram reveals an almost universal support for hope. So, I have a wish list. It’s not all-inclusive, but its mine, which, of course, means “political.”

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