A global health and environmental protection ecological HTA officially set sail, and the global launch press conference


Climate and environmental protection are one of the biggest problems facing mankind in this century. The use of new energy and carbon-free energy is very important. How to make environmental protection like a network where everyone can participate and everyone can contribute is a rare opportunity. The problem of the century coincided with the explosion of blockchain technology, and the environmental protection blockchain came into being, and today, our protagonist has also come.

HTA is a smart health and environmental protection application system that uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology to establish an “open, equal and safe” application. With the support of the underlying technology of the blockchain, reliable storage of health and environmental protection data, traceable management, non-tampering, effective privacy protection, and orderly and controllable value utilization within the industry ecology are realized for all participants on the blockchain. Create and share value on the blockchain. Use HTA to promote the healthy development of environmental protection, improve the structure of science and technology, optimize the use of resources, advocate healthy and green, and achieve the balance of global civilized society.

In terms of the commercial application of HTA, it covers the ecological application of environmental protection ecology, big health, big health data, new energy, etc. In the big wave of environmental protection and healthy development, HTA proposes the innovative integration of blockchain technology and environmental protection industry. Energy digitization and distribution are the key to solving the problem of environmental protection development. The HTA block network environmental protection solution will help accelerate the transformation of environmental protection structure and the digitization of new energy, and then promote the environmental protection industry into the next era.

On November 12, 2021, HTA will launch a global press conference, which will be held simultaneously in more than ten cities around the world. At the same time, the global health and environmental protection ecological value token HTA will be issued. The value of the HTA token anchors the payment market of the global HTA health and environmental protection platform As an indicator of value, HTA will realize the online and offline payment circulation of the environmental protection industry and the application of the whole industry. With the issuance of HTA tokens and the future market development of environmental protection and health, the prospect of HTA is immeasurable.

At the HTA global press conference, I was fortunate to interview co-founder Brock Pierce. As a leader in encrypted digital currency, Brock Pierce said in admiration when talking about HTA: HTA is a great project, and environmental protection is now urgently needed by mankind. There is a problem, and HTA is coming from this problem. With the development of the market economy, the value of HTA can only increase. When he talked about HTA’s listing plan, he also said: With the holding of HTA’s global press conference, HTA’s listing has been half-successful, and plans to complete the listing plan in January 2022, because we are doing a great thing. . When Brock Pierce finished speaking, there was a round of applause from the audience.

From empowerment to subversion, from silence to noise. There will never be a lack of wealth codes in the world of blockchain, just the lack of insight to discover wealth codes. As green development has become a global consensus, HTA keeps pace with the times, keeps pace with the times, and has a global layout, looking forward to the day when it will be launched globally.

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