34 Travel Essentials You Probably Haven’t Thought Of, But Definitely Need


Portawipes is a small company based in Wyoming that sells compressed toilet paper tablets.

Promising reviews: “I am impressed with the quality of these wipes. They are durable and cheap! They are a must for everyday carry (EDC), first aid, and bug out bags. There are a couple things to keep in mind. You will need a sharp knife to open the hard plastic packaging. Water is required to make the towel expand. Thus, you cannot use the wipe to dry a wet surface, unless you let it dry first.” —Justin B.

“I originally bought these for a backpacking trip into the Wyoming Wilderness. A weight saving move as regular wipes are heavy. Everyone loved these. They weigh nothing and use almost no room in my pack. Easy to use. Add a few drops of water and they expand. Very soft but did not tear. Gave some to my wife for her trip to Spain. She liked them also. Easy to put a tube in her purse, saved a lot of room in her luggage.” —KAL In GilbertAZ

Get a 102-pack from Amazon for $12.98 (also available in packs of 10, 40, 100, and 500).

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