11 Best Nurse-approved Travel Accessories


Recently, my nurse best friend visited me in New York City for a few days and I was amazed at how prepared she was for our long days of roaming the city and beyond. When I asked how she became so put-together for travel, she dished that she applied all of her years’ worth of nurse tips and tricks for staying organized and comfortable towards travel. 

In awe of her preparedness, I asked her for suggestions to help me travel better, and she shared the 11 items that she never leaves without. In this curated round-up, comfort is key, and these nurse-approved travel accessories include everything from electrolyte packs to supportive walking sneakers to ensure a successful trip, even against the most hectic travel day. The best part? They’re all available at Amazon, and prices start at $10. 

La Roche Posay Healing Hand Cream


Between countless hand washing throughout the day, my friend applies this nourishing hand cream to prevent flaky, dry skin. And, she assured me that this shea butter-rich formula is also great for any travel-induced dryness: “This hand cream is a must-have during my long shifts to keep my hands from hurting, and I always keep an extra one stocked in my travel bag.” Even better? It’s a multipurpose product, so you can use it to relieve dryness on your face and body. 

Asics Women’s Novablast 3 Sneakers


If there’s anything that we should get insight from nurses on, it’s the comfortable shoes that they’re wearing. According to my friend, all of the nurses on her floor love Asics sneakers for their supportive fit and cushioned build. Plus, they come in a few different bold (and neutral) colors for adding a touch of style to any look. And right now, they’re at the lowest price we’ve seen them on sale for. 

Tylenol Precise Cooling Pain Relieving Cream


Nothing’s worse than achy joints and limbs when you’re trying to enjoy a day of sightseeing, and my friend swears by this cooling cream that not only relieves minor joint soreness, but also has a cooling sensation that she says feels good on rashes and sunburns, too. You’ll love its massage roller-style applicator, which carefully distributes the product while soothing the affected area. 

Coowoz Lightweight Backpack


While I’m impressed with just about everything my friend does, one of the coolest things that she has shown me was her stacked (and stylish) Coowoz backpack that she got on sale for less than $20. She has it perfectly organized thanks to its spacious and smart compartments and is able to fit a surprisingly large amount of stuff. In fact, she once even packed this backpack with enough clothes for a weekend trip and took it to the hospital so she could catch a flight right after work.

Pedialyte Electrolytes Powder Packs


Staying hydrated is essential for any kind of activity, and many nurses like my friend always keep packs of electrolytes around to keep them going — even when they’re running out of steam during long shifts at the hospital. She also always makes sure to keep an extra powder packet tucked away in her travel bag for that same hydration on-the-go. This variety pack features apple, strawberry, fruit punch, and grape flavored powders so you can give your water a tasty, fruity taste boost. 

Yiview Sleep Mask 


Between the long hours and shifting schedule, my friend has learned the immense value of getting sleep whenever and wherever possible. She uses this particular sleep mask at night for incredibly relaxing rest, but also throughout the day and during travel to “trick my body into thinking it’s in REM sleep to get the most out of my power naps.” Sleep and nap better with this stellar eye mask while it’s on sale for just $10.

Cambivo Calf Compression Sleeves


If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the toll that always being on the move can have on your feet, joints, and ankles. That same swelling affects nurses every day from being on their feet, and my friend shared that even though everyone in her hospital is always wearing compression socks, she often opts for a pair of calf compression sleeves. “It gives the same relief without squeezing or crushing my toes, I much prefer a seamless sleeve to a sock,” she explained. Right now, travelers can get them for 43 percent off, so there’s no better time than now to test them out for yourself. 

Protect Life Travel First Aid Kit


I love traveling with this particular friend because whenever I have blisters or accidentally cut my finger, she always comes to my rescue with a first aid kit. She never goes anywhere without one, and aside from instant relief for cuts and scrapes, this kit also comes with other emergency materials that are important to have when camping and hiking. 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream 


Skincare is a marathon, not a sprint, and my friend said that the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is “the best moisturizer out there for instant and long-term hydration. I lather my face with it before and after long shifts just as I do as soon as I get off a plane.” Working long hours and travel can often leave skin feeling tired and dull, but this moisturizer rejuvenates and revitalizes skin around the clock with its nourishing blend of moisturizing shea butter, irritation-reducing colloidal oatmeal, and soothing allantoin, a trio that makes it suitable for sensitive and even eczema-prone skin.  

Cosrx Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream


During (and after) long travel days, we all could use a bit of extra under-eye support. And for the best advice out there on eye creams that actually work, we look to nurses that undergo long hours and mismatched sleeping schedules. This particular eye cream, which comes highly recommended from my friend, is jam-packed with collagen-boosting peptides and other skin-friendly ingredients that not only depuff under-eye bags but also help keep skin hydrated all day long. 

Grace & Stella Moisturizing Under-Eye Mask 


Whether my friend is catching a red-eye or just put in a 12-hour shift, she always turns to under-eye masks to depuff and revitalize her often tired (and overworked) eyes. She said, “[These eye masks] are a win-win because they’re practical in the sense of depuffing and waking up my tired eyes while also feeling like a luxurious act of self-care.” The Grace & Stella Under-Eye Masks blanket the under-eyes in hydrating hyaluronic acid, line-smoothing glycerin, and rejuvenating fructose to reduce the appearance of puffy dark circles and wrinkles. And right now, this top-rated pair comes in a pack of 24 and is on sale for just $22. 

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