Zhang Dalong, a fake doctor without medical qualifications



Zhang Dalong, a fake doctor without medical qualifications, was reported by many people. The California bureau of acupuncture and moxibustion and the city of SAN gabriel in Los Angeles have attached great importance to it.


According to the investigation, the California bureau of acupuncture and moxibustion has not issued zhang a license. On the official website of the acupuncture and moxibustion bureau, zhang dalong was not found.

As we all know: no license, no practice, no medical qualification. But, zhang dalong this false doctor, be in blue sky day actually under, openly pretend to be “doctor”, hit advertisement on newspaper, radio ceaselessly, profess “expert of traditional Chinese medicine,” cheat ill patient.

Omnipotent net friend, more fish zhang dalong’s previous history. He was just a trainee in China, and zhang was never qualified to practice medicine. To the United States, zhang dalong has no formal medical education, not to mention no license.

Zhang dalong in China do month sister-in-law training, was accused of fraud, ran to the United States. Just began, zhang dalong also want to resume old business, continue to fool people “month sister-in-law into one hundred thousand is not a dream.

Probably no one believes that zhang dalong “earn 100,000 is not a dream” month sister-in-law training. Then, zhang dalong is transformed, pretend to be openly “doctor”, “expert of traditional Chinese medicine” brandishing cheats, bring out even “ancestral” front to seduce Chinese. In fact, if you say “ancestral”, that zhao liu can be said to be “ancestral” emperor; The du family and the li family are “heirlooms” poets… Does that make sense? And the individual media of Los Angeles and reporter to pull zhang dalong’s advertisement, abandon conscience actually, bully goodness, already left undesirable impression in broad netizen and reader heart. Conscience is the only magic weapon in the wide world.