Yoart Yoga Mat Begins to Offer Personalized Yoga Mats


Personalized Yoga Mats Turning a lot of Heads at Yoart Yoga Mat

Dongguan, GuangDong, China,    The number of individuals practicing yoga has started to grow in the last decade, no longer is the practice just for those looking for spiritual peace, but has become a practice for those looking for physical activity and stress relief.  The practice of Yoga itself requires very little equipment making it very popular for the frugal; however, individuals still need a yoga mat. Having a yoga matt allows individuals to reduce stress on the feet, joints, and rest of the body.  For those looking for a new yoga mat at an affordable price should check out Yoart Yoga Mat.

In 2003 the founder of Yoart Yoga Mat, Ms. Lee quit her job at a Taiwan she factory and started her own rubber material factory. The company would begin to grow and in 2008 created its own unique non-slip pattern. This material would be the foundation in starting Yoart Yoga Mat. The natural rubber is created by a foaming technology and high-temperature vulcanization; this creates a super elastic and non-slip yoga mat ideal for all types of yoga. Yoart sells everything from travel yoga mats, thick yoga mats, and now personalized yoga mats.

Today Yoart Yoga Mat is proud to announce the launch of its new line of personalized yoga mats. This new line of mats give customers creative freedom in creating a mat that matches their personality and style. Personalized yoga mats allow customers to choose any design of their liking and have them printed on their own yoga mats. This new line of product goes beyond just average consumers, enterprise customers (yoga studios for example) can brand their logos using the new personalized feature. Customers can choose from thick yoga mats and travel yoga mats to have customized.

Yoart Yoga Mat is an industry leader in producing high quality yoga mats at an affordable price. The company uses its own proprietary brand of rubber, giving it superiority over its competition and allowing it to have a long shelf life. Yoart Yoga Mat looks to provide customers the flexibility to personalize their yoga mats, customers looking to get a new yoga mat are welcome to make an order today!