Y the left-wing coalition (Crawler International Community Alliance) Global Launch


“The Creeper” is not yet well known to the wider population as a leading tool of the times, but PY the left-wing coalition as our “old friend” has brought us new surprises — in the form of an independent community alliance

As the name implies, the PYTHON (PY) PY community, the reptile community is known for its technology, tools, applications, precision, and information. All Contact On Earth-Time Traveler (with all the connections and rules of the industry, you’re going to be a time traveler for the foreseeable future) In the past, the PY community has taken its unique advantage stake in taking industry travelers “through time and space” to really make a “time traveler” “Seeing the trends and results of the industry in the future

The current PY community, and then showed a new “style” and “creativity” from September 14, 2019 PY community in Germany, Britain, Australia, South Korea and other 9 countries and regions held a press conference, participants including China’s three well-known land-based capital companies, as well as a stable cooperative relationship of technical development team, More than 50,000 community participants and deep collaboration

PY Community is a frontier technology alliance, information channel alliance, financial industry evaluation alliance, blockchain technology innovation alliance. Through past case studies, the success of the PY community is worthy of recognition, the future can be, PY community strong landing in China, and will bring us what unexpected results, please look forward to