XMED Chain(XMC) is the World 1st Global Medical Blockchain + AI Big Data Platform, specialize in cross-border medical solutions.


XMED Chain, the first ever global medical blockchain and a big data platform, was recently launched by the developers.

Hong Kong, China, 25th February

XMC, world 1st global medical blockchain platform, was launched recently to exert the transformative power of big data and blockchain technology for the greater benefit of the healthcare industry. The developers claimed at a press conference that the platform would help healthcare sector players in delivering cross-border medical solutions, and maintained that healthcare professionals and service delivery units can harness the power of big data with the help of the platform.

XMC project developer Penny Caesar, who is also the founding member of Health Without Borders Limited, has got ten years of experience in project management, sales and marketing. The project team also includes Dr. Lau Shun Tung, convener at Hong Kong Specialist Care Foundation as well as Hong Kong Primary Care Foundation. The team also includes prominent advisors who have had the experience of working with top multinational companies such as Yahoo, Baidu, Draper Dragon, IOB Fund, Iclick, Ernst & Young and the likes.

According to Penny Caesar and his team, the XMC Chain project has already been approved by the top crypto funds and it reached a soft cap of $5 million within a few hours of its launch. NASDAQ has already listed XMC, with many other top publications having been already published the news of the launch.

“We believe our project has huge potentials to addressing and solving the pain points of the global healthcare industry. Both inbound and outbound demands of the healthcare industry can be successfully met with the big data and blockchain platform”, said one of the top executives and an assistant to Penny Caesar.

“We are happy to announce that our XMC telegram group users are growing in numbers by each day passing and there are already more than four thousand and six hundred active members. In addition to that, we are currently communicating with a number of exchanges, and XMC will soon be listed in a mainstream exchange after completing the ICO formalities”, informed the executive.

The executive also told the press that the aim of their company is to develop XMC as a patient-oriented and intelligent ecosystem.

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