XMED Chain Launches Ambassador “Little Chain”, Leading the Way in the New Era of Disruptive Medical industry


In recent years, Blockchain technology has been the hottest topic in field of science and technology. Featured innovative technologies like distributed ledger and smart contract, blockchain technology opens enormous market for the traditional industry upgrading in transition. Global Internet enterprises and industry giants flock to this field to realize their potentials.

Recently, XMED Chain, the world’s first cross-border medical blockchain + AI big data analysis platform, launches ambassador “Little Chain”. “GO GO GO”、 “ROCKET”、 “XMC ROCKS”、 “XMC to the MOON”、 “IMPRESSIVE”, these vigorous and interesting “Little Chain” images breaks the connatural perception of blockchain in traditional medical field.

As the world’s leading cross-border medical service platform, XMED Chain is the world’s first application system with AI big data at its core. With blockchain’s technical features like distributed recording, tamper-resistant, and full trust, XMED Chain provides a reliable platform for storing, managing and sharing sensitive medical information. Besides, based on blockchain and AI technology, XMED Chain could provide users with objective, targeted and multidimensional medical solutions.

Users upload medical records through XMED Chain system, and then this records will be identified and encrypted through blockchain technology. These anonymous data will then be analyzed by AI. Finally, XMC could provide targeted consulting results to individual and enterprise users in a more efficient way. That’s to say, backed up by the fundamental technology of blockchain, XMED Chain breaks the traditional medical boundaries, refreshes the connatural perception of medical application, and makes global medical data processing transparent and standard, thus forms a globalized user requirement-based AI medical system. On this basis, cute image ambassador “Little Chain” exactly represents efforts to break the oppressive and inflexible image of traditional medicare. These images not only perfectly tally with XMED Chain’s vision to keep forging ahead, but also build a bridge among users across the world, allowing them to find sense of identity in this community; in the meanwhile, “Little Chain” accords with XMED Chain’s determination to “shape the future with technology”, injecting fresh energy into the young generation in the world and pouring new value into blockchain technology.

It is said that “Little Chain” will appear in XMED Chain’s peripheral products and offline application scenes in series, wholly demonstrating the core value of XMED Chain. XMED Chain will further improve user experience, becoming a warm and interesting medical blockchain +AI data analysis platform.

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