Wood that makes liquor water- ‘Hovenia’ of Jangheung Hovenia Farming Association


Hovenia is a well-known crop for relieving hangovers. Therefore, it is not difficult to find the Hovenia extract on the list of ingredients of hangover-release drinks.  Kim Dae-il, CEO of the Jangheung Hovenia Farming Association, who participated in the 2020 Jeonnam Youth Village Road project, has been running a farm for 17 years raising Hovenia trees.

Hovenia also appears in the Chinese medical book “The Book of medical herbs.” There were phrases; a long time ago, a man living in a southern part of the country repaired his house with this tree and accidentally dropped a piece into a liquor jar, and the liquor became water.

If you drink after drinking Hovenia tea, you won’t get drunk even if you drink three to four times the usual amount. You can quickly relieve your hangovers, such as vomiting, headaches, thirst, and dizziness the day after drinking. It is because the Hovenia tree plays a role in releasing the toxins accumulated in the body and releasing all kinds of toxins piled up in your liver and enhancing the function of the stomach and colon.

Another advantage of Hovenia trees is that they have nothing to throw away from roots, stems, leaves, fruits, and even honey from flowers. However, the Hovenia tree’s fruit is considered precious because you can only collect from more than five years old. Therefore, you eat stems and leaves more often than fruits.

“Jangheung is an area rich in uncontaminated soil and water resources, and it is an area with the best conditions for growing eco-friendly crops. It is designated as a special herbal medicine zone,” said Kim Dae-il, CEO of the Jangheung Hovenia Farming Association. “The whole Jangheung Hovenia Farm is being cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner. It is now certified as the No. 1 Hovenia Organic. We operate the largest Hovenia Farm in the country with 100 hectares of land.” He added, “The Jangheung Hovenia Farming Association offers you access to the sap of the Hovenia and the Hovenia extract. The essence is the concentrate, and the Exgis is the extract. In addition to this, you can have experiences of picking up the leaves, picking the petals, and honey of the Hovenia trees, so please pay much attention to it.”

Meanwhile, Jangheung Hovenia Farming Association produced promotional videos by participating in a 2020 Jeonnam Youth Village Road video production project.  It was planned by the Jeonnam Bioindustry Foundation’s Eco-Friendly Agri-Bio Research Center to encourage the revitalization of the village community and enhance vitality in farming and fishing villages.