WMSG Direct Competition Macao Sees “The Last Card as You Want” and Japanese Mahjong Champion Receives His Award.


On the evening of December 28, 2017, the National Standard Mahjong Final Event and Riichi Final Event of The 2nd World Mahjong Sports Games (WMSG) Direct Competition Macao came to a successful end after three days of intense competition.


In the National Standard Main Event, He Jianqin won the championship and Yu Shurong and An Tao came to second the third respectively. In the Riichi Final Event, Liu Yanzhe took the first prize and Tang Dan and Tan Xuan from Singapore finished second and third separately. Sichuan Mahjong Final Event came to an end on 27 in advance with Xu Huaou, a talent from Tsinghua University topping the list. The championship of National Standard Mahjong Single-day Knockout Match was taken by Huang Weixing, a player from Taipei, China.


The Grand Slam player encountered intense competition and lost the good opportunity to win.


The real pleasure of competitive mahjong comes from the competition of skills and mentality and as a result luck is proved to be a secondary cause. The rapidly changing situation is also the key to “surprise” and “pleasure” of the competition.


The player Li Zhigang finished the first two competition days with undoubtedly “pleasure” and received 6 first place in 6 rounds in two consecutive days, topping the list with 24 standard scores and 6 scores ahead of his nearest rival. The Grand Slam score seemingly made his championship defined but also made him the target of all player to compete. On the third competition day, players of the first table initiated fierce competition by joint efforts to stop Li Zhigang from attack.





To stop Li Zhigang from the championship in advance and put the competition out of sight, all players made their darnedest efforts to take sacrifice tactics. As soon as Li Zhigang drew, most other players would took tactical touching method. All other players’ move made Li Zhigang’s attack rather hard and difficult to move forward in the follow-up competition. In the 4-round competition on the last competition day, though Li Zhigang would seize the championship by gaining another 4 scores, he finished fourth in the end by obtaining only 3 scores. Thus, the day presented much more “surprise” than “pleasure” for him undoubtedly.


Win victory by strategic control over the competition and retaining strength.


He Jianqin, the champion of National Standard Final Event, received scores steadily and maintained himself on the first table in the second half of the competition. Before the last round kicked off, He topped the list temporarily. 4 scores ahead of the fourth in terms of standard score and 600 scores ahead in terms of sub-scores, He Jianqin applied strategic tactics to control over the whole situation and firmly controlled players in the second and third places to intentionally leave the opportunity to the player in the fourth position.




In the deciding round, He Jianqin came to fourth in the first table and helped the player in the fourth position to be the first in the first table in an attempt to secure his first place in total scores without being threatened by the players in the second the third places. As the standard score of the first three players of the whole round was 28, He Jianqin maintained himself far ahead of other players by taking advantage of his sub-scores. Motivated by his rather good psychological quality and tactics, He Jianqin kept himself far ahead of others and came to the first place, thus again proving the wisdom and charm of competitive mahjong.


Win champion against intense competition and the last strongest card shows surprisingly.


In the Riichi Final Event, Liu Yanzhe showed his powerful trend for championship from the afternoon of 28, as high as 4 standard scores ahead of others, making players on his table join hands to compete with him. In several rounds of pursuit and interception, Liu Yanzhe kept frowning and looked tired. In spite of this, he succeeded in breaking out and maintained his championship by strenuous efforts.




As the competition in the last several rounds got into fierce competition, the atmosphere of the scene grew to be rather tight. A sudden exclamation caused all’s attention, as one player presented “the last card, mixed color, seven pairs and 2 doras” and acquired 24000 scores, which was a real surprising last card in the Riichi competition event. In addition, being in the same cylinder with tile winning deserved the name of “the last card the player wants”.



The new mahjong champion came to the awards ceremony surprisingly and gave mysterious gifts.


In the awards ceremony, the “new mahjong champion” Daejeon Ryuichi from Japan to attend WMSG Direct Competition Macao received a lot of attention from the scene. He was the champion of The 18th Chinese Mahjong Championship this year and the first foreign player given the champion in history. In this competition, Daejeon Ryuichi offered special secret gifts for Riichi players– Riichi tactical books.




In the three days of competition, WMSG Direct Competition Macao, an official program gathering World Mahjong Sports Games (WMSG) of National Standard, Riichi and Sichuan, came to a successful end. After three days of hard efforts, players from 7 countries and regions around the globe won the qualifications to World Mahjong Sports Games and generous rewards from sponsors. More importantly, they got to know the pleasure of competitive race and a group of like-minded international players.


In the competition, the first batch of official peripheral products of World Mahjong Sports Games runs through the whole competition to accompany players’ preparation for competition. For example, Treyo Mahjong Machine provided solid support for the competition. Meizu, strategic partner of the competition, also provided technical and product support for the competition.



At present, MIL has held nearly 20 rounds of WMSG direct competition. The eligibility for The 2nd WMSG will all be determined by direct competition. WMSG Direct Competition will be ongoing around the globe continuously. Your attention is expected!