WK Platform Joins Forces Platform Value Coin WKL to Lead Investment In a New Era


Opportunities bring about changes, innovation creates miracles. WILK International Quantitative Fund has attracted the attention of financial investment circles again after successfully launching the platform value currency “WKL”. Since going online, its rising rate constantly creates new heights . A new industrial focus is gradually expanding. WK platform has already decided the investment trend in the future!

As an enterprise in the field of quantified finance, WILK International Quantitative Fund has been adhering to the operational concept of “high frequency quantification, fund management” since been established. WILK takes “building the largest international financial asset management platform in the world” as its development goal and adheres to the core development idea of “keeping pace with the times, pluralistic ecology”. Using unique cultural concepts, WILK brings about innovative quantitative change in the field of quantified investment.

Under the guarantee of advantageous technology and the premise of deeply understanding the law of market development, WILK can realize free trading on many mainstream trading platforms in the world and maintains a great openness and a high degree of freedom of investment. The success in laying out Southeast Asia and the perfect landing of Thailand Branch will boost its global radiation. At the same time, WILK took the lead in introducing the exclusive asset management platform and successfully updated the iteration to version 3.0. One system and two sets of models bring new experience to investors. The concept “Consensus, Resonance, Co-creation, Share and all-Win” injects fresh vitality into WILK. The value currency “WKL” launched by WILK resonates with ETH.

With the quantitative experience of 20 years and combined with AI and block chains, WILK cultivates distributed wealth and produce a strong catalytic force by combining big data、AI、cloud computing and quantitative transactions. This kind of catalytic force will surely exert tremendous influence, restructure the social economy and ecology and lead us into a brand-new future.