Winsie: Emerging power of the exchange industry!


Today, with the exploding of data, digital asset become a strive destination for investors. Meanwhile, the wealth effect brought by the block chain makes them even more enthusiastic. As time goes by, the positive development trend of block-chain technology and digital assets become more and more obvious and strong.

Technology is constantly developing, while the capacity of it is expanding. Winsie ( believes that a large part of the future world’s wealth must belong to digital currencies. It is the starting point of Winsie to improve the utility value of digital currency of users, and to directly connect the physical world and the virtual world.

Winsie, an internationally well-know digital asset trading platform established in Cyprus in 2017, is the world’s leading index contract trading platform. It is committed to providing safe, professional, and convenient digital currency index contract trading services to users worldwide. Winsie with strong background and financial support, connects to high-end resources in many countries. its professional technical team has the most competitive comprehensive research and development strength in the world. It gathers the top talents with extensive industrial project experience in various technical fields.

After three years of development, Winsie has been recognized in the hearts of users. In order to provide better services, Winsie submitted MSB (Money Services Business), a US Treasury regulatory license, in early 2020, which was officially approved on May 15, 2020. Winsie services global users and collects high quality block-chain projects for investors. It not only focuses on block-chain digital asset investment, but also provides services such as project due diligence and investment strategy. Winsie also encourages investors to obtain professional, accurate and efficient investment effectiveness and obtain higher investment income.

Winsie combines the block-chain ecology with existing financial system, which let it possesses a wide range of ecological circulation-living consumption, entertainment, games, financial management, etc. Winsie also provides storage, financial management, quantitative trading, strategic investment, deposit for interest, cross-border remittance, digital business services, cross-border payment, shopping payment, installment payment and other services, so as to build a new, credible and digital financial ecosystem.

Block chain extends many new industrial methods, which will have a great impact on human civilization. However, it is difficult to determine the final destination according to the existing examples. We can only cross the river by feeling for stones in powerful current. The emergence of Winsie will stir up countless waves. In this process, we may be able to see the future of the development of digital finance context in advance!