When everyone was worried about the price, TRON was discovered in 2018


Recently there have been no major fluctuations in cryptocurrency. Just as the long-awaited recovery begun to appear, a series of bad news, including hacking attacks on the exchanges and the US regulation policy, all blew people’s hopes.


Before the press was released, due to the exchange’s attack in the early morning of March 8, 2018, various cryptocurrencies were inevitably declined. When everyone was worrying about prices, it was noticed that this phenomenon, and some projects still moved smoothly, maintained the rhythm of high-frequency promotion. TRON is such an example.

Since 2018, TRON has been traded on the world’s major exchanges, including Bitfinex, Bittrex, Huobi.pro, lbank.info, Upbit, CEX, and other well-known digital asset trading platforms, increasing the circulation of TRX itself. It also enhances the awareness of TRX and TRON in the secondary market.

From January to March, TRON reached cooperation with GSC, Tripio, and BitGuild. During so many dazzling multi-directional cooperations, TRON needs a strong technical team as support.

On February 2nd, the former technical expert of Baidu and Meituan Edison Wu formally joined the technical team. During his tenure at Meituan, the“falcon system” developed by himself improved the shortcomings of Meituan behavior detection warning system. Moreover, Edison Wu began to know digital assets and researched blockchain technology in 2015.

On February 21st, Matt Yue, a software engineer from the former Meituan and LeEco joined the technical team. During its tenure at Meituan, the total number of operating users was around 300 million. It was found that the engineers who currently join TRON have a unified feature, that is: rich experience in the industry and the background of a well-known Internet company. From this phenomenon it can be seen that TRON is not the new project six months ago. It is the project where blockchain technicians are all longing for.


In addition, it was noticed that TRON not only actively conducted media campaigns, but also showed substantial progress in technology. Recently, with the arrival of the test version of the TRON main network on March 31st, Chinese media “Jinribizhidao” conducted an exclusive interview with the three tech-savvies of TRON technical team. After the release of the manuscript in China, Reuters, Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance and many other overseas media reported the release


According to the observations on TRON, it is not difficult to see that an outstanding team has already formed. In the first year of blockchain development, it can resist the price impact caused by market fluctuations and persist in expanding. Accelerates launch of main net, this spirit is very valuable. Although the current market is at a low point, the prospects for an outstanding project that with rich experience, efforts, and energy are great.

So far, TRX has already launched on more than 30 international well-known exchanges including Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance, Huobi.pro, OKEx, HITBTC, Liqui, and other 30 exchanges, with 59 trading pairs. The market capitalization remains in top 15. The daily transaction volume reaches 300 million USD. There are at least 500000 people in the world holding TRX and the number of global communities reaches more than 70000.