WHB, leading the Renaissance in the era of digital civilization


In the 21st century, a new generation of information technology represented by cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet has advanced by leaps and bounds, which has given birth to disruptive changes in social production and lifestyles, driving the exponential growth and fission of data resources, and a new digital era has arrived. .

Global social development has entered the fast lane, and mankind is ushering in the fourth wave of revolution-the era of digital economy represented by blockchain technology. The global economy is increasingly showing digital characteristics, and human society is entering a new stage marked by digital productivity. Digital technology has become the key direction of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Digital transformation provides an important engine for cultivating new drivers of economic growth. Digital economy has become an important part of building a modern economic system.

1. The commercial trend of the digital cultural industry

The modern economy has generally been based on “cultural significance”, and the boundaries between modern economic activities, social activities and cultural activities have been blurred. The entertainment performance of the cultural industry is the result of modern high-tech development and the product of modern society. In modern society, as people relax and understand and forgive deep-seated psychology, along with the advent of the information society, the cultural industry has developed accordingly. The traditional regional market no longer exists, and all cultural and creative products can basically face the same market-the global market with the help of scientific and technological power, and can provide a variety of cultural and creative products and services.

In 2008, the crypto geek Satoshi Nakamoto released “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Payment System”, announcing the birth of blockchain technology and the first encrypted currency. Blockchain not only solves the problem of “no trace” of traditional currencies, but also builds a safe, reliable, and stable distributed contract system, creating a fair and transparent data system for mankind. With the surge of the fourth industrial revolution, blockchain technology will empower multiple industries and fields through digital transformation, and continue to promote the in-depth development of the global digital economy.

In recent years, the global digital cultural industry has developed rapidly, combined with the extensive application and promotion of blockchain, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and “Internet +” technologies, and many animations, animations, and animations suitable for the needs of the new generation have emerged. Emerging cultural formats such as games, online film and television dramas, videos, live broadcasts, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. The structure of the cultural industry is continuously optimized and upgraded from the industrial chain to the value chain. The influence and market competitiveness of the global cultural industry are increasing.

2. Introduction to the global cultural industry chain WHB

The global cultural industry chain WHB was founded by the Singapore Global Cultural Industry Foundation. It is committed to creating a blockchain public chain with open source systems, resource sharing, data openness, and decentralized governance for the global cultural industry, allowing the global cultural industry and related Consumer services can realize convenient and efficient services such as transparent consumption, exchange of points, and value-added consumption through the distributed network system provided by the global cultural industry chain.

3. How WHB promotes the prosperity of the global cultural industry

In the future, the application scenarios of TOKEN will be very popular. One person, one thing, one TOKEN is not a fantasy. Objects that cannot be labeled with value will be confirmed by TOKEN and have the ability to exchange value with other objects. The investment and financing of the cultural industry will become extremely convenient and simple with the support of TOKEN. The product crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding model under the traditional Internet conditions will be reborn with the help of blockchain and TOKEN, and obtain new huge development momentum.

WHB adheres to the operating philosophy of “taking investor interests as the core”, truly starting from the interests of investors, and conducting detailed analysis of the existing blockchain assets based on the digital asset analysis and evaluation model that has achieved actual results, and strives to maximize Exclude non-systematic risks. Provide participants with high-quality and valuable blockchain assets scientifically, effectively and pragmatically, allowing the source to control and protect the core interests of participants.

In the traditional model, the scope of the flow of digital assets can only be limited to users of the asset-side system, and the entire flow process must rely on the asset ownership accounting function in the asset-side system. In the WHB ecosystem, once digital assets are registered on the WHB blockchain network, users who hold the corresponding private keys can safely and freely transfer digital assets across the entire blockchain network.

WHB will realize TOEKN deposit and withdrawal in scenic spots, and realize value landing around the ecology of the six physical industries.  global traffic portals such as the operation center in China, the Dubai node community, the Indonesian node community, the Korean node community, the North American node community, and the Swiss node community will be gradually built, and finally built to 7 billion globally People create a cultural empire with a sense of culture and technology.

The global cultural industry chain WHB feels the pulse of the global digital economy era. Within the decentralized cultural industry system, physical applications that connect the world will be derived, and an application ecosystem using WHB as a circulation medium will be established, making transactions easier, faster, and more realistic. It is believed that the economy and society will become more fair and transparent, realize the beautiful concept of technology empowering the economy and technology to improve lives, promote the digital transformation, upgrading and prosperity of the global cultural industry, and lead the renaissance in the era of digital civilization.