What is the super ether technology solution??

At present, the new round of the global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change continues to deepen, the international industrial pattern accelerated remodeling, innovation as the first impetus to lead the development. In this round of change, information technology is the most concentrated, innovative and active, most widely used, radiation-driven role in the world, is the competitive highland of global technological innovation, is the leading force to lead a new round of change.

As an integrated application of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm, block chain has become a hot topic in the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and other international organizations as well as many national governments. At present, the application of block chain has been extended to many fields such as IoT, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital assets trading, which will bring new opportunities for the development of cloud computing, large data, mobile Internet and other new information technology, and can lead to another round of technological innovation and industrial change.

Block chain technology for commercial banks may not only be a technological revolution, more a performance revolution. Last year a very hot word was “go to the center”, but the bank heard the word is more uncomfortable, because the bank is the credit intermediary in finance. At the beginning, the driving force of the research on the technology of investment in block chain is fear, because commercial banks are afraid of subversion. However, in the application process, if commercial banks can successfully control the block chain technology, can reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and thus improve resource allocation, the emergence of a new service model. From the perspective of openness, block chain includes public chain, Alliance chain, private chain. At present, the main choice of commercial banks in the actual application of the alliance chain, but also a more balanced security and innovation model.

Peer-to-peer networks, encryption, and database technologies are added together to form a complete Super Ethernet solution that does not apply to all types of business, and if a scenario itself requires a centralized organization to dominate all trading processes, the block chain does not make sense to it. David Mendez to reporters, “block chain is applicable to the financial environment of the cross organization, multi-agent participation, its advantage is that can achieve the effective division of labor collaboration, real-time operation monitoring, enhance efficiency and security.” At present, the deposit certificate, the liquidation has used the block chain technology, the settlement has not yet. The new scene needs to be expanded slowly.

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