What can Project Ture do?

Nowadays, we need to have a strong institution or node to endorse our birth certificate, household register, property certificate, etc., so that everyone can agree that this node is usually a national government. But once you cross the border, there will be a lot of trouble, some certificates and contracts that may fail, like a driver’s license, because it’s missing a global node.

However, the untampering characteristics of the block chain technology fundamentally changed the centralized credit creation mode, and the low cost of establishing credit through mathematical principles rather than centralizing credit institutions. Thus, our birth certificate, household register and property certificate can be verified on the block chain, and the world will trust, which proves that I am my century problem.

Adam and eve ate the apple and were expelled from the garden of Eden, and wrote the origin of mankind; Newton was struck by an accidental apple in the tree, which inspired and proposed the law of universal gravity. The most popular apple jeans in the United States, a model of the cowboy spirit, has become a worldwide fan. Steve jobs created apple products that revolutionized the definition of mobile phones and became the favorite of millions of people. Turing — Steve jobs’ spiritual mentor, apple’s smart phone logo design. Turing, a man who has saved at least 16 million lives, or rewritten history, has been hailed as the “father of artificial intelligence” and “the father of computer science”.


The Project Ture block chain contract agreement can authenticate users and ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of their Ture, or verify the authenticity of the data submitted by users or developers.


Anyone can easily in the Project create their true true and have started to use, to participate in a variety of applications of true, and all kinds of can be gained through interaction and work for the community, participation is both at the same time promote the development of science and technology of artificial intelligence. People can train their Ture by providing personal data. A large number of people who provide data create a huge pool of information, and such a pool of information with a large amount of personalized data can be used for deep learning. When a user has more TA’s Ture, the whole community can be optimized because of the diverse information provided by TA, and everyone else’s Ture will also become faster, smarter and more efficient.

The block chain platform is provided for the deployment of artificial intelligence. More data and resources, including computing power, can be Shared without fear of privacy, security and being taken away by competitors. Use and record are distributed in large, decentralized computer networks. Artificial intelligence technology, developers learning ability for the user, the user can constantly improve their own artificial intelligence, developers can use the algorithm of artificial intelligence and force to provide users with better service. The participation of all people makes the artificial intelligence system progress faster and more powerful.

“Last but not least, we need lifelong learning, including lifelong learning.” “Said Christopher pissarides.