Wave Field Show Starts the New Era of DeFi on the Shoulder of the Wave Field


DeFi (Decentralized Finance) aims to let any people around the world conduct financial activities at anywhere and anytime.

Since 2019, DeFi has become the hot search in the blockchain industry. In 2020, the most popular keyword of the blockchain field definitely should be DeFi, which also shows the explosive growth. Among them, the locked position value of Compound even has exceeded 1 billion US dollars, showing the very popular market.
After undergoing the climax in summer, it seems that DeFi has been contracted, but since September, the total value(TVL) locked by DeFi has closed the new high 11.2 billion US dollars, implying that the DeFi still has the huge potential.
DeFi now has numerous applications, such as stable coins, loan platforms, decentralized exchanges, KYC/AML, payment platforms, derivative platforms, and market prediction platforms, and so on. At present, there have been thousands of DeFi projects, almost covering each field of the traditional financial industry. These applications are constructed based on ETH and realize different businesses by depending on smart contracts.
Moreover, ETH’s defects are also exposed in this DeFi climax, such as very high congestion and Gas fees. In fact, squeeze and congestion are biggest calamities to the decentralized products, so that mines excavated by many users are not enough to pay for ETH’s Gas fees. Recently, UNI’s airdrop even makes ETH’s Gass up to 1000.
By comparing with ETH, TRON’s cheap service charge and extremely rapid transfer speed undoubtedly enhance user experience. The wave field may be the blue ocean and depression of DeFi.
Based on it, the Wave Field Show team will construct the project on the Wave Field, develop a distributed financing and capital management platform, utilize the distributed network to convert traditional financial products into the distributed finance dispensing with intermediaries, and make use of special effects of the blockchain-integrated finance to create the DeFi mining mode, and give awards to members in the mining form. Members can enjoy decentralized financial services supplied by DeFi, transfer more DeFi messages to other members, gain more awards, and realize the virtuous cycle, while enjoying free mining.
The agreement in the Wave Field Show is developed based on the Wave Field for asset-oriented supply demands and get the capital pool with interest rates by calculation. The capital suppliers and loaners can interact through the agreement, so as to earn or pay interest rates. The Wave Show Field project contains DeFi’ bank money business and regular investment of the Wave Field. Its business ecology will contain application services of currency banks, application services of non-monetary banks, application services of securities finance, and finance application services.
Differing from the single scene of general DeFi projects, the Wave Field Show will supply comprehensive covering scene of digital currency functions, including wallets, exchange centers, stable coins, payments, and loans….or other DeFi applications. Users provide mobility for the system, store the digital currency TRX, and enjoy abundant awards of the system. The unique balance awarding mechanism enables users to get high gains. Meanwhile, users can avoid fluctuations of earnings caused by ups and downs of digital currency.
Standing on the shoulder of the Wave Field, the Wave Field Show inherits its technical strengths. On the basis of traditional DeFi advantages, it optimizes the awarding logic and promotion mechanism and further deepens DeFi connotations. The Wave Field Show aims to establish a complete DeFi ecosphere. Based on technical strengths and international recognition of the Wave Field, it creates the unprecedented DeFi2.0 digital system ecosphere and starts the new era of DeFi.